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How to sample fragrance properly

By Lauren Carbran

Welcome to the holy grail for you scent lovers. We’re about to tell you how to sample fragrance properly when you go into The Perfume Shop...

How to shoot your ultimate floral flat lay

By Lauren Carbran

We love an Insta flat lay, don’t you? So to celebrate the launch of Gucci Bloom for her, the floral fragrance of the moment, we spoke to blogger Julie Ly...

How to wear perfume on your wedding day

By Lauren Carbran

Your big day is near. But have you thought about your wedding perfume? Well, we want you to smell as dreamy as possible! So here’s how to wear perfume on your special day, with expert advice from perfumer Roja Dove…

How to make perfume-inspired smoothies

How to make perfume-inspired smoothies

By Lauren Carbran

Totally done with unhealthy food? So are we. Instead, we LOVE creating our own smoothies inspired by our favourite perfumes. Wanna have some fun? We dare you to give perfume-inspired smoothies a go…

How to host the perfect pamper party

By Lauren Carbran

Hands up who’s feeling like a pamper party? We thought so. And since we’re currently obsessing over the new Minnies Bath & Body range (exclusive to The Perfume Shop) by our fave TOWIE girls, Sam and Billie Faires, we suggest you read on…

How to find your new fragrance for 2017

By Lauren Carbran

New year means new you – which means a new fragrance, obviously! And we know it can be tough to choose the right scent – so, let us do the work for you…

How to update your perfume wardrobe for winter

By Claire Milne

Winter is just around the corner – and you know what that means? Snug boots, comfy coats, and the thing I like best: a new fragrance to carry me all the way through Christmas and New Year…

How to smell your best in 30 seconds

By Lauren Carbran

Like smelling amazing? Of course you do. It’s all about how you apply your perfume. So next time you’re in a rush, you’ll need to know #TEAMTPS’s Claire Milne’s top tips on how to smell your best in 30 seconds. You’re super-duper welcome…

How to make perfume-inspired meringues

By Lauren Carbran

You may not have heard of them before, but trust us – perfume-inspired meringues are a hit. So look no further for your dessert inspo and bring on the party season! Your next dinner party is totally sorted. Fabulous!

Our top perfume trend predictions for 2018 revealed

By Lauren Carbran

BRB, we’re just looking into our crystal ball. And we’re predicting these seriously cool perfume trends will be big for 2018. Don’t believe us? Just read on…

It’s our 25th birthday, so we’re giving you the best deals around

By Lauren Carbran

Happy Birthday to us! Yep, did you know we’re turning 25 this year? Whoop whoop! So to celebrate, here are the best deals around, which you’ve got to grab right now. Trust us, you’ll regret it if you don’t…

What does a rose gold perfume actually smell like?

By Lauren Carbran

Rose gold is officially trending worldwide (if you haven’t been keeping up). And consistently the biggest follower of trends, perfume is mixing fashion with fragrance...

Top 4 new launches we know you’ll love

By Lauren Carbran

New launch = new love. Yep, we know you’ll be obsessed with these new launches because they’re seriously special. Here’s why…

4 reasons why this free Juicy Couture bag will change your life

By Lauren Carbran

You’re not dreaming. This beaut Juicy Couture bucket bag could be all yours for no money at all when you purchase any Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy fragrance that’s 50ml or above. Sound good? Read on…

Why every girl needs Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Glacé in their life

By Lauren Carbran

Perfume princess or just LOVE Juicy Couture? Either way, we’ve got big news for you girls – Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Glacé is the new arrival for winter...

Only a real Juicy Couture fan will get 100% on this quiz. What will you score?

By Lauren Carbran

Call yourself a Juicy Couture fan? Well, let’s find out! Take the ultimate Juicy Couture quiz to see how much you REALLY know about the coolest brand in town…

Introducing you to the marmite of fragrance: ambergris

By Lauren Carbran

Think fragrance is all flowers and fruit? Think again. Meet the fragrance world’s answer to Marmite – ambergris, which is a popular ingredient that creates a warm, salty smell...

The fragrance experts we really trust (and so should you)…

By Lauren Carbran

When it comes to fragrance, you’ve got to know which experts to trust. Why? Fragrance is so complex and unique that only the masters of perfumery know what they’re on about.


How to layer your fragrance properly with Guerlain products

Layering is still a major fragrance trend. And if you're anything like us, you'll already be a massive fan! But what is the correct way to layer your fragrance? Becs from #TEAMTPS demonstrates on our fave blogger, Patricia...

Should you be wearing the new Shawn Mendes fragrance? Find out now…

By Lauren Carbran

Big news: Shawn Mendes has launched his debut unisex scent and we’re going wild for it. Shawn Mendes Signature is a sweet and woody combo of sugar maple accord, pineapple and rose petals...

Nicole reveals her new fragrance, Chosen – and it’s shamazing

By Lauren Carbran

I’m pretty nervous to be interviewing Nicole Scherzinger. If the 12-year-old me who used to make up dance routines to The Pussycat Dolls’ Buttons in my Juicy Couture tracksuit knew she’d be doing this, she’d freak out...

5 Minutes with British yachtsman Alex Thomson

By Lauren Carbran

Can you imagine being sponsored by Hugo Boss? Well, that’s totally normal for British yachtsman Alex Thomson, who races around the world single-handedly. Awesome, right?

5 Minutes with Matilda Lutz and James Jagger, the faces of the new Emporio Armani scents

By Lauren Carbran

We’re in love with Matilda Lutz and James Jagger, who play the perfect couple in the new Emporio Armani campaign. We caught up with the faces of the new Because It’s You for her and Stronger With You for him fragrances to get the lowdown – and all we can say is #couplegoals…

Bloggers reveal the scents they’d feel naked without

By Lauren Carbran

Do you feel naked without a spritz of your favourite perfume? Yes, us too! And it’s also the case for our BBFs (blogger best friends)…

Which wedding guest scent are you?

By Lauren Carbran

Wedding season is here and we’re welcoming it with open arms – especially as it’s giving you the opportunity to pick your wedding guest scent. We know this can be tricky, so, as always, we’ve done the hard work for you. Take part in our quick quiz to discover which scent you’ve GOT to wear for that upcoming wedding in your calendar…

5 Minutes with model Vanessa Axente, the face of DKNY Nectar Love

By Lauren Carbran

Guys, this is a big moment for perfume. DKNY Nectar Love is available exclusively at The Perfume Shop from 2 July – woo! And you can grab the super-cute bottle and incred smell (orange flower, vanilla and beeswax) for just...

5 Minutes with Zac Efron

By Lauren Carbran

No words are needed. What you read is true. Yep! We sat down with life crush Zac Efron and got to know the guy behind the poster on our bedroom wall and the new face of HUGO Man…

Revealed: the scents our fave celeb dads wear

By Jo Hoare

Father’s Day isn’t far away, so we’ve rounded up the scents our fave celeb dads love to wear, to give you some celebrity-inspired gift inspo. From iconic classics to easy-to-wear everyday scents, there’s something for everyone…

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