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5 Minutes with British yachtsman Alex Thomson

By Lauren Carbran

Can you imagine being sponsored by Hugo Boss? Well, that’s totally normal for British yachtsman Alex Thomson, who races around the world single-handedly. Awesome, right? We caught up with him to talk about racing, staying motivated and, of course, Hugo Boss fragrances…

How do you prepare for races?

Preparation for the Vendée Globe starts years ahead, with the design and build of the boat, and in my physical and mental preparation. I have a great team behind who work tirelessly to design and build a boat that can win the race. I work closely with a personal trainer on my fitness and endurance, to ensure I can sustain the demands of over 70 days’ offshore solo racing, as well as my sports psychologist, who works with me to discuss techniques to manage some of the challenging conditions I face onboard.


What’s your motto in life?

To find new oceans, first you must lose sight of the shore.


How have you enjoyed your partnership with Hugo Boss?

Hugo Boss has sponsored me since 2003, and together we have created a global platform that gives huge return to the brand. Boss is an aspirational brand, which fits perfectly with sailing and our values at Alex Thomson Racing. We have a successful partnership, which both parties have enjoyed for over 14 years.


What is your favourite smell in the world?

I love the scent of the sea combined with the metallic and carbon fibre smell of the boat.


Which Hugo Boss fragrance is your favourite?

Currently Boss Bottled Tonic. It’s very fresh and energising, an elegant yet dynamic blend of zesty, spicy and woody notes.


How do you stay motivated when times are tough?

The Vendée Globe is a solo, non-stop race with no outside assistance allowed, so staying focused and motivated is key when in such isolated conditions. My ambition has always been to become the first Brit to win the Vendée Globe, so that motivates me to drive the boat towards the finishing line and the podium.


What has been your biggest challenge to date?

Overcoming the damage we sustained to the boat a year ahead of the Vendée Globe start. My team had to rebuild the boat. They worked tirelessly, and I’m incredibly proud that they got to the start line of the Vendée Globe with a boat that could win.


Do you wear fragrance when you race?

No, I don’t, but I certainly put it on as soon as I cross the finishing line after months at sea!


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