Our top perfume trend predictions for 2018 revealed

By Lauren Carbran

BRB, we’re just looking into our crystal ball. And we’re predicting these seriously cool perfume trends will be big for 2018. Don’t believe us? Just read on…


Who doesn’t like the smell of lavender? Exactly. And we predict a massive comeback for 2018. You’ll be transported to vast lavender fields where life is totally peaceful – and smells great, too. Why is it going to be a trend? ‘I think lavender notes will be big for 2018, mostly because lavender is everywhere on the SS18 catwalk,’ says SCENTS blog editor, Lauren. ‘We saw metallic lavender quilted jackets and pastel lavender coloured trousers on the Tom Ford catwalk at NYFW, so it’s clear a trend is brewing.’ Our top perfumes with lavender ATM are Guerlain Mon Guerlain for her, which smells of lavender, sandalwood and vanilla (£45 for 30ml, £68 for 50ml or £96 for 100ml), and the classic Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male for him (£36 for 40ml, £36.99 for 75ml, £64.50 for 125ml, £83 for 200ml) – lavender, mint and cinnamon.

Gender neutral

We saw a spark in gender-neutral fragrances this year, and there’s no slowing down for this huge trend. No way. Set to be EVEN bigger in 2018, now brands are loving the 2-for-1 strategy (aka, men and woman can both share one scent). ‘Gender-neutral perfumes are definitely the future,’ says Cathy Newman, Marketing & Customer Experience Director at The Perfume Shop. ‘We’re already seeing brands like Tom Ford with launches such as Black Orchid (£56 for 30ml, £79 for 50ml, £112 for 100ml) and we anticipate other brands will do the same. The original unisex scent, CK One, is still selling really well more than 20 years after its launch. At The Perfume Shop we’ve seen sales of unisex perfumes increase by more than 20% compared to last year.’


Engraved perfumes are having a major moment and we predict they’ll be the talk of 2018. Yep, it’s actually possible to get your initials or a special message etched into your fave scent. How cool. ‘Perfume is about you and your moment in time. The topic of scent and the links to memory and emotions are widely discussed, so now more than ever, people want a perfume perfect for them, whatever their mood, whatever the occasion,’ says Andrea Rickard, Head of Buying at The Perfume Shop. ‘The future of perfume is all about personalisation and the pulling down of boundaries, from engraving and create-your-own fragrance to genderless scents – you are unique and so should your perfume be.’ Try out the trend now with Giorgio Armani Si EDP for her (£73 for 50ml, £99 for 100ml, £120 for 150ml) or Paco Rabanne 1 Million EDT for him (£47 for 50ml, £52.99 for 100ml, £86 for 200ml). It’s the most special gift out there, trust us.

DNA testing

Now this one will blow your mind. Craving a scent that’s specifically made for you? Well, our future goggles predict 2018 may be your year. ‘Recently we’ve seen skincare embrace the possibilities that DNA testing can offer to personalised and bespoke products,’ says Gill Smith, Managing Director at The Perfume Shop. ‘I can see a similar approach for perfume in the future. Customers could bring in their DNA profile to store and our team could identify the scents that will most appeal to them and work with their skin. This made-to-measure approach is going to take bespoke from Savile Row and bring it to everyone.’ WOW.


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