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5 Minutes with model Vanessa Axente, the face of DKNY Nectar Love

By Lauren Carbran

Guys, this is a big moment for perfume. DKNY Nectar Love is available exclusively at The Perfume Shop from 2 July – woo! And you can grab the super-cute bottle and incred smell (orange flower, vanilla and beeswax) for just £40 for 30ml, £55 for 50ml and £74 for 100ml. We’re obsessed. So we talked to the campaign model, Vanessa Axente, about the new fragrance for women…


It’s young, fresh and energetic – and it has the spirit of New York.


As DKNY represents the spirit of NYC, tell us what you love about the city

Its energy. You won’t find the drive, the freedom, the diversity anywhere else in the world. The energy is electric and keeps me going back.


What’s it like to be the face of the DKNY Nectar Love campaign?

I was beyond floored with excitement. I have always loved the commercials DKNY produces. I also love the brand and fragrances, so it feels really authentic for me to represent the brand.


What did you enjoy most during the campaign shoots? How was the vibe on set?

I had a truly wonderful time. The team was great, and we had a lot of fun. I loved shooting Be Delicious in Central Park, as it is one of my favourite places in the city. We shot Nectar Love on a rooftop and on the High Line, so the vibe was very different. Both fragrances tell a different story about women in New York. It was really special to be a part of these shoots.


What attracts you to DKNY Nectar Love?

It’s incredibly sweet, so who doesn’t love that?


How would you describe Nectar Love in three words?

Romantic, sweet, playful.


How is Nectar Love different from other fragrances you wear?

There are only a few fragrances I wear that are sweet, but the vanilla note makes Nectar Love unique.  I love the grapefruit note, too.


What is your favourite scent memory?

When I was younger, we used to go to Christmas markets, and I have lovely memories of the smells of mulled wine, hot chocolate and freshly baked bread. So I have come to love vanilla and cinnamon.


On what occasions do you spritz Nectar Love, and what do you wear with it?

I wear it in the evening with a beige silk blouse tucked into loose, flowy, white trousers, black kitten heels and my favourite necklace. My style is understated but unique. Simplicity can have incredible impact. A spritz of Nectar Love is a great finishing touch for any look.


What type of woman would choose DKNY Nectar Love? What’s she wearing? What’s she passionate about?

She’s passionate about being the best she can be. She’s successful but not flashy. People notice her for what’s on the inside, not what she wears.


What does Nectar Love and natural attraction mean to you?

Nectar Love is about authenticity, being confident in yourself, and letting the world find you. It’s not about forcing love, it’s about embracing it.


Do you believe in love at first sight?

I’m sure it exists.


Nectar Love makes a great first impression. How do you ensure you make a good first impression?

Attitude is the first thing people can sense when they approach you. It all begins with the way you feel.




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