How to wear perfume on your wedding day

By Lauren Carbran

Your big day is near. But have you thought about your wedding perfume? Well, we want you to smell as dreamy as possible! So here’s how to wear perfume on your special day, with expert advice from perfumer Roja Dove…

Roja Dove_Portrait 1_LR1. Choose a new beautiful scent

You want a perfume that will remind you of your wedding day and nothing else. So opt for a romantic, floral fragrance that has fresh notes to keep you energised on your big day, like Chloé Love Story for her (orange blossom and jasmine) or Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Unlimited for him (rose, pineapple and grapefruit). ‘When it comes to choosing a fragrance for your wedding day, remember that it will act as a memory of that special time you said I do,’ says Roja. ‘And when you smell that fragrance after your wedding day, it will take you straight back to that day. So the perfume you choose to wear needs to be a new discovery – one that you’ve never worn before and has no relation to any memory or feeling.’

2. Spritz your fragrance in the morning

No one wants to walk down the aisle in a cloud of perfume that distracts the wedding party from your dress or suit. Instead, spray your scent in the morning. ‘Spritz your perfume as soon as you’ve dried off after showering or bathing and before you’ve stepped into your dress or suit,’ says Roja. ‘Your body heat will intensify the base notes, so the earlier you apply it, the better.’ 

3. Know where to spray it

Yes, it’s all about where you spray it, people. And on your wedding day, it matters more than ever. ‘Applying your chosen scent is an art form,’ says Roja. ‘For those of you planning on dabbing it behind your ears – don’t! Your glands will interfere with the perfume and alter its scent. Wear perfume on your wrists, elbows and collarbone. Don’t rub it in – just let the perfume unravel and work its magic. When it’s time for the groom to kiss the bride, he will be immersed in your scent.’

4. Layer your fragrance

You want to smell amazing, right? Well, here’s how to make your other half weak at the knees. ‘A body lotion or cream with the same fragrance as your perfume is a great way to make the smell last. It’s called layering,’ says Roja. ‘Apply the fragrance first, then lock it in with the lotion or cream. Not only does this increase the lasting quality but the alcohol in the fragrance won’t break down the cream, so the moisturising factor is maximised.’ Our favourites? Guerlain Mon Guerlain for her and body lotion, and Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb for him and aftershave balm. Gorgeous!


Editor’s top picks

Lauren C-92017 is our SCENTS blog editor’s wedding planning year! Yes, Lauren is getting married on Tuesday, 29 May 2018. So here are her top picks, depending on where you’re tying the knot…


11For a city wedding

Make your city wedding a day you’ll never forget with the sexy and sophisticated Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male for him or Jean Paul Gaultier Classique for her. You’ll love the notes of mint, cinnamon and lavender in Le Male, and the rose, orange blossom and vanilla in Classique. What could possibly smell more romantic?

22For a countryside wedding

Jimmy Choo has answered your perfume prayers for your wedding in the countryside. What could be more perfect than smelling fresh and elegant on your big day? Choose Jimmy Choo by Jimmy Choo for her (pear, orange and toffee) or Jimmy Choo Man Intense for him (honeydew melon and lavender) to kick off your married life together. Cheers!

33For a beach wedding

There are perfumes… and then there are the exotic Paco Rabanne Olympéa Intense for her and Paco Rabanne Invictus Intense for him, which were just made for your beach wedding. Not only can you get the bottles engraved with a special message (how cute!), but the notes of passion fruit and raspberry in Olympéa Intense and orange and amber in Invictus Intense are out of this world…

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The wedding guest perfume guide: how to choose the perfect one for their big day

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