Perfume review: Guerlain Mon Guerlain

By Lauren Carbran

G17_tease_A woman can never have too many perfumes, right? Correct. I’m sitting here with about 40 on my perfume shelf (I’m aware this is probably above the beauty-addict average), but Mon Guerlain instantly stands out – and not because I’m reviewing it or the bottle is an adorable shade of pink…

Could Mon Guerlain be the best thing that’s happened in 2017? I think so. Not only is Angelina Jolie the face of the scent (excuse me while I try to resume normal breathing) but the iconic notes of Guerlain fragrances are used in a new way – this time to smell strong, sensual and free-spirited.

If you know me, you’ll have sussed out that I’m VERY fussy about signature scents. The simpler, the better is my motto. Forget gourmand perfumes that smell like my mum’s apple crumble… notes of fresh-air molecules, lavender, rose and citrus speak to me best.

On first sniff, the lavender and creamy vanilla are powdery and soft. And, to my surprise, they’re not overwhelming. The fragrance is comforting, feminine and oozing sophistication. A few seconds later, I can smell the sandalwood and jasmine coming through. This IS an everyday scent. The overall blend is light and sensual, perfect for the office and an evening out – and, of course, for those who like to go ‘out out’.

What I love most about the name, which means ‘My Guerlain’, is that you can make it what you want. For me, Mon Guerlain is a signature scent, while for you, it could be your summer holiday choice.

And forget 1 March as the first day of spring… Mon Guerlain is the official indicator that spring is here. It pulls us out of our duvets and sends us straight to garden parties and on our way to our favourite vacay destination. It’ll be coming with me on my travels this year, all the way from spa breaks in London to beach days in Marbella. And I bet you, the more I wear it, the more I’ll be choosing Mon Guerlain for my wedding day.

Only time will tell…


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