Perfume trend: cucumber notes

By Lauren Carbran

I spy a trend – cucumber. Before the recent launches of Michael Kors Turquoise and Marc Jacobs Splash Cucumber, I thought it was best paired with a pot of hummus. But I was SO wrong. Cucumber is the newest note on the scent scene, and I just know you’ll be blown away by it…

It’s no surprise that cucumber scents are making their mark this summer. Cucumber has long been a refreshing addition to water, Pimm’s and seasonal salads (when the sun comes out), so why WOULDN’T you want to smell of it on your skin? Exactly.

Cucumber notes create a natural freshness that’s subtle and delicate. They’re at their best mixed with citrus and sweet florals for a combo made in perfume heaven.

So let me introduce you to Michael Kors Turquoise. Its sensual smells of cucumber blended with water lily and lime zest conjur up a midsummer night, where you’d be sipping a G&T at that ultra-cool rooftop bar. Lush. It ranges from £43 for 30ml, £62 for 50ml and £84 for 100ml – totally worth it for a fragrance to last you way beyond summer…

Marc Jacobs Splash Cucumber confirms the big trend on the label. Capturing the smell of summer in the USA, it oozes cucumber, lotus leaf, cactus flower and frosted musk, offering the cool relief you’ll need while you’re zooming down the desert highways. And you can get the juice in 100ml for just £38 – what a bargain!

The cucumber trend is a reaction to the strong, sickly wafts of gourmand scents and puts edible ingredients in a light not before seen. Yes, citrusy smells give you a similar effect, but – trust me on this one – cucumber is far more subtle.

It’s on a par with the aquatic scents. And for me this fresh, more natural smell makes a way bigger difference. You get the type of compliments you know aren’t forced, and you can’t get enough of how you smell 24/7. That’s right, cucumber scents = massive self-love (bonus).

So if you’re pondering over which trend to follow and invest in this summer, you’re looking at it right now. Cucumber scents don’t have an expiry date – they’ll be cool forever.

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