Perfume trend: scents inspired by H2O

By Lauren Carbran

What does H2O even have to do with perfume? It’s the formula for water, ice and steam, after all – which has no smell. Well, I spy (with my little eye) that H20 is the latest inspiration for the biggest new perfumes. OK, so water, ice and steam aren’t among their ingredients, but there’s a reason H2O-themed scents are hitting the scene right now…

Did you know that water scents were big in the 90s? Take Davidoff Cool Water Woman – this combo of water lily, melon and lemon was inspired by the spring-fed lakes of the Bavarian Alps, while Armani Acqua di Gio (acqua means water in Italian), was a fresh, zingy blend of lime, green tangerine and marine notes. People went wild for these, and I just know that today’s H2O-inspired scents will create the same response. After all, the best trends always come back into the spotlight. Am I right or am I right?

But why do consumers buy into fragrances that smell like water when water doesn’t even have a smell? The answer is that H20-inspired scents give off a fresh, uplifting vibe in perfume – which is just what you need for those sudden UK summer heatwaves. They act like a facial water spray or cucumber wet wipe, helping you to cool down. ‘Freshness is a quality we enjoy, as it gives feelings of cleanliness and newness,’ says master perfumer Roja Dove. And perfumers who are briefed to make these scents use citrusy notes such as lemon and lime, aquatic accords like marine or smells of the ozone to convey a chilled, almost ‘wet’ smell.

What I’m about to introduce you to are scents that are breaking the rules for 2017 and taking the H2O theme to the next level…


Jimmy Choo Man Ice for him

With an H2O element in its name, this scent is as fresh as can be. I’m its biggest fan. The bottle looks like an ice cube, and the juice is as chilled as ice when you spritz it on your skin. ‘Jimmy Choo Man Ice is more like a fresh cologne, which requires lots of citrus,’ says Roja. Just the smell of the mandarin and bergamot will help cool you down – but wait till you experience the rich and woody depths of musk, dry amber and cedarwood. It’s perfect for your sophisticated nights out this summer. Get yours now for £30 for 30ml, £44 for 50ml or £64 for 100ml.


Marc Jacobs Splash Rain for her

The intensely cool blend of wet cut grass and rain accord gives a truly summery vibe. Marc Jacobs Splash Rain takes the H2O trend to the next level, mixing these unique notes with wild strawberries and clementine zest. Going abroad or just want to smell fresh at home? This is the one for you. ‘Marc Jacobs Splash Rain offers a fresher, more hydrated update on existing perfume notes – which is particularly good in the heat of summer,’ says Roja. And it’s only £38 for 100ml. No more words needed.


Hugo Boss Hugo Iced for him

New to the scene, this blast of ice-cold freshness is the closest to H2O in a bottle you’ll ever get. Not only does the Hugo Iced bottle look icy, but its top notes of iced mint and heart notes of wild tea will instantly invigorate your soul and keep you smelling on point in the heat. Take it on holiday, somewhere tropical and off the beaten track. It’s all yours for £45 for 75ml or £55 for 125ml. Grab it now, guys!


Watch SCENTS blog editor, Lauren, give you all the info on the latest trend…


Which summer 2017 perfume trend are you?


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