Life bottled: perfumes to suit your personality

By Lauren Carbran

Are you calm and collected or a romantic at heart? Whatever your personality, we’ve got the perfume to match. Yeah, that’s right – you’re totally meant to have these perfumes in your life right now…

1You’re fun

The party doesn’t start till you enter the room. Damn right – you’re the fun, free-spirited one who others only dream of being. So we suggest opting for a sweet scent. Have you gals tried the new Stella McCartney Pop? If that’s a no, grab it now. It combines mandarin with tomato leaves and sandalwood. Mmm! Guys should try Hollister Wave For Him, to be transported straight to Cali. The refreshingly sweet notes of bamboo leaves and neroli are perfect for your travels. Now, somebody call for our private jet…

2You’re shy

You like to keep things to yourself, right? You’re shy and mysterious, and need a perfume that speaks but doesn’t shout. We’re talking about a light, subtle scent because the last thing you want is it lingering around on you. Lacoste Eau de Lacoste L. 12.12 Pour Elle Sparkling for her, a soft blend of wild rose and raspberries, will leave you just as the bottle promises – sparkling. Guys should go for Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Eau Fraiche. Why? It’s airy and fresh, with marine accord – which means it smells of the sea.

3You’re romantic

Roses, heart emojis and love letters are totally your thing. But we know it’s not easy being romantic 24/7. So whether you’re relationship status is ‘happily ever after’ or you have your eye on that special someone, here are the perfect perfumes to keep spreading the love. Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris, which was inspired by Paris, blends notes of pear and white musk – and you’ll fall head over heels for it. And guys, keep the spark going with Jimmy Choo Man Intense, which is a weapon of mass seduction, with its combo of honeydew melon and tonka bean!

4You’re calm

Love channelling your inner zen? Us, too. To stay calm and collected all the time, look to floral scents. Lancôme La Vie Est Belle Florale, with its notes of orange blossom, jasmine and rose, is an eau de toilette you can’t forget. Guys need to try Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Unlimited, which oozes rose and iced violet leaves. We’re pretty certain you’ll fall in love with these, instantly…



What’s your perfume personality?

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