Top 5 gourmand scents

By Lauren Carbran

Forget tasting food, today it’s all about smelling like it. Yes… really! We’re big fans of gourmand scents, which have sweet, edible notes, such as honey, chocolate and vanilla. So, if like us, you could eat chocolate brownies and raspberry sorbet all day long (no shame), you’ll want to take a look at our top five gourmand fragrances. Want to see the perfume dessert menu? Here it is…

angelmuseproductThierry Mugler Angel Muse for her

First on our menu is Thierry Mugler Angel Muse, a gourmand perfume we can’t get enough of. Let it tempt you with its delicious notes of hazelnut cream-cocoa and red berries. Mmm! Trust us – you’ll be reaching for the pancakes after one spray…

escadaEscada Aqua Del Sol for her

Escada Aqua Del Sol may be classed as a fruity perfume, but it’s a gourmand one, too. Why? Well, you’ve got the raspberry sorbet and pear notes to thank for that. This summer perfume will instantly transport you to a tropical island. Lush!

ghost whitelightGhost WhiteLight for her

This new kid on the block is exclusive to The Perfume Shop. And you guessed it – it has some delish gourmand notes. We just know you’ll fall in love with Ghost WhiteLight, thanks to its elegant notes of peach and vanilla, which remind us of a peach tart with vanilla ice cream – yum! The bottle’s so cute, and won’t it look beaut on your perfume shelfie?

valentinouomoValentino Uomo for him

This timeless scent, with its notes of gianduja cream (a sweet chocolate spread) and coffee, will make your mouth water instantly. Valentino Uomo will remind you of the coffee and piece of chocolate you get in restaurants after your dessert – so we like to think of it as a late-night fragrance. Gourmand scents don’t get more sophisticated – or Italian – than this.

thierrymugleramenThierry Mugler A*MEN for him

When we think of gourmand fragrances, this one always comes to mind. It explodes with notes of vanilla, coffee, caramel and chocolate, just like a rich dessert. Mad about chocolate cake and caramel brownies? Well, you’ll love Thierry Mugler A*MEN. It’s for men who dare to be different, so you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd…

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