10 top tips for buying a date night fragrance

By Charlotte Hurlock

Going on a hot date? Then you need a date night fragrance that will have you feeling your most confident! Follow our top tips for finding your perfect sensual scent, for women and men…

Date night fragrance for her

  1. Think about the fragrance families

There are some fragrance families that are better suited to romantic liaisons and setting pulses racing, such as oriental fragrances with incense, amber and patchouli and woody fragrances with oak moss, leather and vetiver. Look for these notes in the product description, or try our fragrance finder now…

  1. Look at the concentrations

The main difference between an eau de toilette and an eau de parfum is in the concentration of perfume oils. An EDT contains 4-10% perfume oil, while an EDP has 8-15%. Why not try an EDP for a stronger, sexier spritz?

  1. Sweeten him up

It’ll come as no surprise that sweet notes of chocolate are a real hit. Did you know that vanilla is also an aphrodisiac? A lovely way to wear it is as a base note, along with creamy musk, as it will dry to leave skin smelling good enough to eat.

  1. Boost your confidence

The ultimate turn-on is a confident woman, so you need to find a date night fragrance that gives you bucket-loads of the stuff. We’re all aware of how powerful scent is for evoking memories and taking you to happy places. Try to find a fragrance that makes you glow on the inside – and chances are you will do the same on the outside.

  1. Consider your outfit

While we aren’t massive advocates of going all ‘matchy-matchy’, we think it’s important for your outfit to play a part in your date night fragrance selection. Once you know what you’ll be wearing, think about the colour, fit and shape, and try to reflect that in your scent. Heady notes of amber are made for LBDs, exotic fragrances are perfect for rich fabric colours, and woody, leathery notes really complement a tuxedo-jacket-and-trouser combo.

  1. Reflect your personality

Ask yourself what you want your date to think about you. Remember how much a perfume says about your personality. Do you want to come across as sweet? Then look for fruity notes. Feminine? Try delicate notes of lily. Or mysterious? Spice things up with aromatic herbs.

  1. Get layering

The art of layering is a powerful thing with perfume. Why not treat yourself to the body cream from the same perfume range as your fragrance and apply it first? Not only will it give your skin a pretty sheen and make you feel glamorous while getting ready, but it will also give your scent longevity.

  1. Where are you meeting?

You wouldn’t wear a ball gown to a pizza place, so remember that the location of your date will have an impact on your fragrance. If he wants to keep it a surprise, ask for a clue. As a rule, the more exotic the venue, the more exotic the fragrance.



Date night fragrance for him

Think about the time of day

Meeting for a romantic walk in the park? Opt for something from the fresh fragrance family with aquatic, citrusy notes. Your favourite aftershave may even come in a lighter version, which would be perfect for daytime dates. Planning on more of an after-dark soirée? Up the ante with an oriental or woody fragrance, for deep, rich ingredients like leather, oud and vetiver.

Apply layers of your favourite aftershave

Your favourite fragrance probably has a coordinating body lotion, shower gel, deodorant or balm. Apply it before you leave the house, so that when she leans in for that all-important end-of-evening kiss, she’s treated to a subtle hit of your scent. She’ll never want to wash her cheek again!

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