Heading to University? Scents for Freshers’ Week

By Lauren Carbran

Freshers, rejoice! If you’re due to start university this month, we’ve got the scents to keep you going all the way from clubbing to society meet-ups. Yep, whether you’re planning on going wild with your new housemates or simply want to make a good first impression, here are the perfumes you’ll need to wear (with a little help with out in-store expert, Kelly Wong)…

Ghost Dream for her

Is it a dream? No, it’s Ghost Dream (£27 for 30ml, £38 for 50ml, £48 for 100ml), a perfume with notes of rose, violet and orange flower. Yes, this floral gem is perfect for those social events and for when you’re meeting new people. It’s sweet and charming, just like your personality, so it’s the perfect addition to your day bag. And the bottle is totally gorgeous. Just imagine how good it will look with an Insta filter. ‘This scent is light, which makes it a great fragrance to wear during the day – a hit of the floral notes such as violet and jasmine will keep you going,’ says Kelly. Whoop – that’s you sorted!

Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal for her

If you’re cheeky, flirty and a lot of fun, the new Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal (£44.50 for 30ml, £63.50 for 50ml, £83 for 80ml) was made for you. It’s everything we love in a bottle – a blend of caramel milkiness and honey, and a totally OTT bottle. ‘It’s an amazing fragrance to wear if you want to be noticed,’ says Kelly. ‘It’s unique and super stand-out.’ So if you’re planning to be a free spirit and party 24/7 during Freshers’ Week, you’ve found your match.

Davidoff Cool Water Wave Man for him

Cool and collected sounds like you? Well, it could almost be written in the uni rule book to wear the new Davidoff Cool Water Wave Man (£26.99 for 75ml, £39 for 125ml), which brings the notes of sandalwood, grapefruit and pepper alive on your skin. Just one spritz and – voila – you’re good to party. ‘The grapefruit in Davidoff Cool Water Wave Man makes for a clean and fresh smell and the sandalwood gives it a bit of a twist,’ says Kelly. This is one of those iconic fragrance you’ll want to wear way past Freshers’ Week, trust us.

YSL Y for him

YSL Y (£53 for 60ml, £100 for £72) is inspired by a new generation of men who dare to follow their dreams. And if this sounds like you about to start uni, you need to buy it as your signature scent. The blend of bergamot, ginger and incense is masculine and bold, so it’s an obvious essential on your uni checklist. ‘It’s bold, eccentric and manly – just how you want to smell during Freshers’ Week,’ says Kelly. So wear it for unforgettable introductions…


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Which Ghost perfume is your perfect match?

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