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How to sample fragrance properly

By Lauren Carbran

Welcome to the holy grail for you scent lovers. We’re about to tell you how to sample fragrance properly when you go into The Perfume Shop...

Three signs that your partner is meant to wear the new Gentleman Givenchy

By Lauren Carbran

In 1975, Givenchy graced us with the presence of Givenchy Gentleman – a unique blend of cinnamon, Russian leather and tarragon. But fast-forward to 2017 and Givenchy have recreated the classic for the modern man...

Nicole reveals her new fragrance, Chosen – and it’s shamazing

By Lauren Carbran

I’m pretty nervous to be interviewing Nicole Scherzinger. If the 12-year-old me who used to make up dance routines to The Pussycat Dolls’ Buttons in my Juicy Couture tracksuit knew she’d be doing this, she’d freak out...

Create a dessert and we’ll tell you which perfume you are…

By Lauren Carbran

Craving something sweet! Us too. And yes, it’s actually possible to smell your favourite dessert in a bottle. Want to know more? Just answer these questions to discover your new perfume obsession…

NYFW and the perfumes to match

By Lauren Carbran

NYFW has us hooked! Yep, for the last few days we’ve been eyeing up the coolest trends on the catwalk for spring/summer 2018. So here they are with the perfect scents to match (cos co-ordinating your fashion and perfume is totally in)…

Heading to University? Scents for Freshers’ Week

By Lauren Carbran

Freshers, rejoice! If you’re due to start university this month, we’ve got the scents to keep you going all the way from clubbing to society meet-ups...

You deserve a treat! Which scent should your partner buy for you right now?

By Lauren Carbran

Hey you, yes you! You deserve a treat. And since no one can live without a beaut smelling scent, here’s what your partner should buy for you. Just take part in our quiz and you’ll find the bottle of your dreams…

Perfume trend: sexy scents

By Lauren Carbran

What are we currently obsessing over? Sexy scents, of course. Yes, some scents come and go, but once you smell a sensual perfume, there’s no going back...

How you can make a difference with perfume this month

By Lauren Carbran

Exciting news just in! We will be teaming up with Alzheimer’s Research UK this month to raise as much money as possible for this incredible charity...

Why crystals and perfume are the perfect combo: introducing Marc Jacobs Sparkle

By Lauren Carbran

As we all know, anything sparkly is a girl’s best friend, which is why we’re loving the new Marc Jacobs Daisy Anniversary Limited Edition. Yep, it’s everything we want in one place...

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