Perfume review: Jimmy Choo Man Ice and the originals

By Carl Thompson

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve recently spent time with a fragrance expert smelling a variety of different scents. It turns out that I veer towards sweet vanilla and citrus notes paired with something earthy and musky. So when I take a look at the notes in the new Jimmy Choo Man Ice, I’m immediately excited.

The fragrance ticks my sweet and citrus box, with mandarin and bergamot in the top notes, then merging into fresher, earthy notes, with cedarwood and vetiver essence in the heart. Its base notes of musk and moss, which work so well together, fulfil my wish list. For summer I look for something fresh, crisp and clean, yet with a masculine punch, a day-to-night scent that will be equally suitable for the office, gym or bar.

When smelling Jimmy Choo Man Ice for the first time, I think ocean, sea and sand, with fresh cotton linen drying in the breeze. It’s taking me back to the time I spent a week living in a beach hut listening to the waves softly breaking against the shoreline. This fragrance would be the one I’d pack for a holiday, perfectly suited for day to night, from iced coffee to espresso martinis. The bottle design is evolved from the hip flask, with an ice-like, faded white finish.

I’m then transported from this tropical heaven to the luxury of a London members’ club with Jimmy Choo Man. The deep, masculine smell is for your confident, stylish man about town, who turns heads wherever he goes. The woody fragrance reminds me of a dark-wood club interior with low lighting, where I’d sit back in a comfortable lounge chair sipping whisky on ice. I’d wear this fragrance on a night out with friends and if I’m looking for attention.

Jimmy Choo Man Intense is somewhere in between – a fragrance for special occasions. I smell masculine notes similar to the ones in Jimmy Choo Man, yet they have a softer, more mysterious side – perfect for someone with a fearless attitude who doesn’t like to give much away. I would wear this for a date, to give me confidence and swagger, and – who knows? –  maybe even a little kiss.


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