Your last-minute Christmas guide

By Lauren Carbran

PANIC! It’s nearly Christmas and you’ve not done the shopping. The turkey’s ready, the tinsel’s out, but you’re way behind on buying your presents. Well, don’t fear, people. You won’t even have to leave the house, thanks to our online perfume gifts. So sit back, relax and get in full Santa mode…

11For your parents

Show them how much they mean to you this Christmas – with something other than candles and cufflinks. Opt for a fresh, sophisticated scent for mums: Paco Rabanne Lady Million Privé will have her smiling instantly at the coconut, raspberry and honey notes, knowing this is the one to wear on an evening out. Dads will totally appreciate the elegant Dolce & Gabbana The One For Men, a charming blend of grapefruit and ginger. Go you!

22For your partner

Up the romance this Christmas! Whether you’re newly loved up or already planning the wedding, you’ll seriously want to impress your partner by giving them the best ever Christmas present. So what’s the secret? Choose a scent that’s seductive and sweet. We’re digging Hugo Boss Boss The Scent For Her, which blends honeyed peach with cocoa (trust us, it’s irresistible), and Diesel Bad, a super-masculine mix of tobacco and caviar. That’s one thing ticked off the to-do list!

For your bestie

We’re guessing you’ve done the charm bracelets, clothes vouchers and photo frames – so this Christmas, give your bestie a fragrance they’ll never forget. We promise she’ll fall head over heels for Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris for her, inspired by Paris and oozing pear and white musk. For him, opt for Jimmy Choo Man Intense, a strong blend of pepper and tonka bean, to say thanks for all the good times.

44For your grandparents

Don’t you just love making your grandparents smile? So this Christmas, buy them something to remember. Chances are, they love classic fragrances because, well, they usually have the most sophisticated taste. So we suggest Yves Saint Laurent Kouros for your grandpa, with its notes of jasmine, amber and musk, and Guerlain Shalimar for grandma, a creamy blend of rose, iris and vanilla. What could be more perfect?

55For you

Who says you can’t treat yourself this Christmas! You heard us. Rip up the rulebook and buy for yourself! After all, no one knows you better. If you’re a floral fan, opt for Coach The Fragrance for her, with its notes of jasmine and waterlily, or Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Unlimited for him, a delish duo of mint and grapefruit. Alternatively, live on the wild side with Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence for her, with its notes of champagne, and Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct for him, with gin and tonic – we kid you not! Party time, anyone?

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