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Armed Forces Day: The men behind Help For Heroes XTREME fragrance share their grooming tips

By Lauren Carbran

We’re showing our support for the men and women who serve for our country this Armed Forces Day with a new fragrance! Help For Heroes XTREME has been created by five injured veterans, to help raise funds for the wounded in the line of duty. That’s why £6 of every fragrance sold will go towards the charity, Help for Heroes. And we’re massive fans of the scent.

The men chose notes of hot spice and rugged smoky woods, with a touch of black leather. It’s topped with fresh citrus and basil for a fresh kick, too. Inspired by the wild outdoors, this is a scent to suit any man – whether you’re heading on an adventure or simply want a new fragrance for the office.

So, we spoke to the men behind the scent for their top tips on looking sharp for Armed Forces Day…

HfH KarlKarl Hinett

Top tip: Manage facial fuzz

‘If you have a beard, it takes extra special care and attention to keep it looking its best. It has to be tamed and maintained! I shampoo and condition my beard every other day. Each morning I will trim any stray hairs to keep it neat and tidy.’





HfH CliveClive Smith

Top tip: Find your signature scent

‘It’s important to find a scent that makes you feel good when you wear it. I like to think of fragrance as a subtle extension of your overall presence. Find one or two that you really like and have those as your classic signature scents.”





danDan Richards

Top tip: Get a professional shave and don’t ignore a mono brow!

‘Every morning I use a traditional brush and cream and do a proper wet shave. Always soak the blades in warm water to help your pores expand. Don’t ever ignore unruly facial hair! I get my brows threaded every 6 weeks to keep them in check.’





HfH Steve FunSteve McCulley

Top tip: Moisturise like a man

‘Keeping skin moisturised really helps it — and not just in dry areas. When you are on a plane, a good moisturiser can go a long way in making you feel more comfortable. My moisturiser is a key part of my daily routine. Sunburn is never a good look either, so don’t forget to use SPF.’







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