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A day in the life of perfumer Juliette Karagueuzoglou

By Lauren Carbran

Ever wondered what your day is like when you’ve got the coolest job in town? Well, here’s what Parisian perfumer Juliette Karagueuzoglou (whose most recent creations include Jimmy Choo L’Eau and Coach The Fragrance) gets up to…


I wake up. My first morning beauty ritual is making myself an apple, carrot and ginger juice in a juice extractor. I then have a shower, which is the second step to really waking up. Then I wake up my two daughters – my favourite moment of the day.


After dropping off my daughters at school and kissing them goodbye, I arrive at the office.

I start every morning by smelling the dry downs of the fragrances I’m working on. It allows me to study the way the fragrance will evolve.


After two hours in my office, alone and focused, I get together with colleagues to smell my ongoing creations. Some of my colleagues offer to test the fragrances directly on their skin, so we know how it will really smell on people. We evaluate the fragrances, discuss any improvements and select the ones we want to show our clients.


Most of my lunch break is spent with my team. Otherwise, I take every opportunity to let my mind wander, which is the best way to stimulate creativity. I spend time reading the press, going online or listening to music.


I often have meetings in the afternoon with clients such as Jimmy Choo. I present the fragrances I have designed for them, we smell them together and they give me their feedback. They’ll tell me what they like, and what they feel should be pushed or reworked. It’s a great time to share our visions.


I have a quick afternoon break, during which I relax and enjoy the view of the park from my window. It gives me an energy shot to finish my work. I often listen to music at the same time. Currently, I’m a big fan of Ibrahim Maalouf, a French-Lebanese trumpet player. I went to his last concert at the Bercy Arena (one of the country’s biggest concert halls) – it was beautiful.


Before leaving the office, I spray my ongoing creations on my arms, to see how they’ll evolve on my skin and to get to know them by heart. On Tuesdays, I go to my barre au sol training (designed for dancers). It takes care of my body, by toning legs, back and abs, and raises my soul, thanks to the breathing, discipline and music. On other days I go home and enjoy spending time with my family, hearing about my daughters’ day at school, then reading them bedtime stories before kissing them goodnight.


I usually have dinner with my husband. Sometimes I attend professional dinners or launch parties, when I quickly put on makeup, grab my favourite pair of Jimmy Choo stilettos and go.


Bedtime. I need to read for a short time before going to sleep. Currently, I’m reading and loving Fall Of Giants by Ken Follett.


5 Minutes with the perfumer behind Jimmy Choo L’Eau, Juliette Karagueuzoglou

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