Top 5 perfumes to wake you up in the morning

By Lauren Carbran

The alarm going off in the morning can be a real shock to the system – especially after that unscheduled Netflix marathon you thought you had time for. Yep, we’ve all been there. So we’re here to save the day with our top picks of energising perfumes, which guarantee to wake you up when nothing else will…

11Ditch: The latte

Try perfumes with: coffee notes

If you’re running on caffeine instead of energy, it’s a thumbs-down from us (soz). The solution? Spritzing a perfume with notes of coffee. We’re raving about the new Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Wild for her, with its animal-print bottle and coffee heart note blended with vanilla and white flowers for a dreamy morning scent. And who says you can’t wear it for the rest of the day, too? Next, meet Valentino Uomo for him, which proves that coffee and myrtle liqueur can give you a kick all morning. You’ll be skipping out the door before you know it – background music optional.

ck2Ditch: The naps on the train

Try perfumes with: wasabi notes

We’ve all been there – falling asleep on the train and missing our stop. Whoops! So avoid any transport troubles with Calvin Klein CK2, a unisex fragrance that will keep you awake throughout the journey. This electric scent is loaded with wasabi for a bolt of spice, and the hints of wet cobblestones and mandarin offer a freshness like no other (trust us, we’ve done our research). This, people, is how you do 8am.

22Ditch: The energy drinks

Try perfumes with: citrus notes

Swap your morning energy drink for a fresh, citrus scent. We know… with so many to choose from, it can give you perfume-choice anxiety. So we’ve done the hard work for you. It’s time to line up your new zesty saviours: Gucci Bamboo for her and Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct for him. We heart the notes of bergamot and mandarin mixed with jasmine and lily for the fruity-floral Gucci Bamboo. And the blend of tangy citrus with kiwano melon and violet leaves makes Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct a real scene stealer. Now who couldn’t wake up after a spritz of that? Damn right.



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