Top 5 musky perfumes

By Lauren Carbran

There’s nothing not to love about musky fragrances. And if you haven’t smelt one, we urge you to do it now. Until the late 1800s, the natural smell of a musk deer was used in perfume, but today it’s replaced by plants, to produce a fragrance that’s sensual, warm, deep and powdery… we could go on. Discover these musky scents and you’ll NEVER look back…

by-invitationMichael Bublé By Invitation for her

Feast your eyes on this musky beauty, made by Michael Bublé (our fave) himself. By Invitation is a very, very cool move for anyone looking for a new scent. Why? It mixes rose, vanilla and praline, with a base of musk for a dreamy outcome. Oh, and the gold bottle’s pretty snazzy, too.

deep-euphoria-calvin-klein-100ml-final-embedCalvin Klein Deep Euphoria for her

You can’t go wrong with Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria, which blends musk with mandarin leaves and pepper to keep you energised. And you can get your floral chic on, too, thanks to the notes of black rose and jasmine at its heart. It’s seriously cool, trust us.

juicycoutureilovejuicyJuicy Couture I Love Juicy Couture for her

This, ladies, is how you do Saturday nights. We were instant fans when we saw the leopard-print bottle (how gorge?), but then fell totally in love when we smelt the toffee apple, honeysuckle and musky notes. So, all you sweet scent addicts, rejoice! Juicy Couture I Love Juicy Couture will be your new obsession.

aramis-voyagerAramis Voyager for him

Go exploring with this musky scent, which guarantees to transport you far, far away. From sunrise jogs to full moon parties, Aramis Voyager will keep you smelling bold. And it’s all down to the lavender, nutmeg, tonka bean and musk. Wear it on your travels and the scent will always take you back. It’s just like time travel – for real!

burberry-touch-menBurberry Touch for him

Like Burberry? Of course you do. So we know you’ll love Burberry Touch – an elegant combo of violet leaves, cedarwood and musk. It will follow you from morning espresso to evening shots. And, believe us, you’ll be getting all the compliments…


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