What times of day should you spray perfume?

By Lauren Carbran

Stop what you’re doing. It’s time to dive a little deeper into the world of perfume. Yep! Have you ever wondered when you should ACTUALLY be spraying your fave scent? We’ve been investigating (with a little help from perfume expert Roja Dove)…

1. It depends on whether it’s an Eau de Toilette or an Eau de Parfum

That’s right. Roja Dove says, ‘An eau de parfum will last all day, while an eau de toilette will have mostly disappeared after a few hours.’ This means you should spray your eau de parfum first thing in the morning. Try Elie Saab Girl Of Now for her (£38 for 30ml, £58 for 50ml) and Ralph Lauren Polo Red Extreme for him (£53 for 75ml, £69 for 125ml). If you’re wearing an eau de toilette, you need to spray it throughout the day. We love YSL Mon Paris for her (£50.50 for 30ml, £71 for 50ml, £91 for 90ml) and Armani Stronger With You for him (£43 for 30ml, £49 for 50ml, £68 for 100ml).

2. Spritz an hour after you shower for maximum results

We’re letting you into a BIG secret here. Yep, we’re calling it: one to two hours after you shower is the best time to spray your fragrance. Why? ‘Spraying your scent at this time is ideal because your body heat will intensify the base notes of the fragrance and you’ll smell amazing,’ says Roja. ‘If this isn’t practical, spray your perfume as soon as you’ve dried off after a shower, before you step into your clothes.’ We’re totally going to start trying it!

3. Take the weather into account

Ever sprayed your perfume and then it seems to drown in the rain? Join the club. But here’s the solution, people. ‘On a grey, rainy day, spray a heavier amount of fragrance onto your collarbones in the morning and throughout the day,’ says Roja. ‘This will give you something nice to nestle into as you hunch into your raincoat.’ Too right! And what about that off-chance of sun? Well, it’s best to spray your scent in the morning and afternoon in places that won’t be exposed to the sun, to prevent skin pigmentation caused by the sun and also keep you refreshed. Try Marc Jacobs Splash Rain for her (£38 for 100ml) or Jimmy Choo Man Ice for him (£30 for 30ml, £44 for 50ml, £64 for 100ml) for ultimate freshness.


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