SCENTS School: Michael Edwards tells you about the summer perfume trends

By Lauren Carbran

Here at SCENTS school, we love giving you all your perfume inspo. And as we start counting down the days to summer, we’re psyched to show you the hottest perfume trends. So take a tip, or four, from our fragrance expert Michael Edwards, who’s already one season ahead…

Michael Edwards

Trend 1: Tropical escapes

Who wants to be whisked away to a warmer climate? Us! Well, summer’s tropical fragrances will do just that. We can officially report that the concoctions of fruits and florals will make you want to sip on a cocktail while the sea breeze swirls through your hair…

‘Tropical ingredients are integral in fragrance,’ says Michael. ‘You can smell these notes in DKNY Be Electric collection for her, which gives you the ultimate summer scent experience.’

So when it comes to tropical scents, think juicy pineapple, zesty grapefruit and creamy coconut. You’ll also want to spritz yourself with Michael Kors Sexy Sunset for her or Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Summer for him to kick-start summer now. We’re sold!

Trend 2: Rose garden

Call off the search for your next signature scent – we’ve got it right here. No matter how late you’ve left your prep for summer, you’ll need to invest in a rose fragrance to stay on trend. Seen everywhere from Dolce & Gabbana to Giorgio Armani, it seems everyone’s jumping on the rose bandwagon.

‘Rose is luxurious but also extremely versatile,’ says Michael. ‘For instance, in Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Rosa Excelsa, the rose is soft and powdery, while in Armani Si Rose Signature the delicate rose de mai is mixed with powerful damask rose.’

And we just know you men will love a bit of rose, too. You’ll smell all kinds of handsome with Paco Rabanne 1 Million and Cartier Déclaration d’Un Soir, which both mix rose with spice for a cool collab. What’s not to love?

Trend 3: Aromatic spice

To be next season now, awaken your senses with aromatic spice-infused fragrances. They’re all about boldness and adventure, and what could be more appropriate for summer?

‘The spicy fragrance notes such as juniper, ginger and pepper will awaken your senses and evoke warming and energetic emotions,’ says Michael.

So after months spent under winter blankets, you’ll be so ready to make a statement with these powerful scents. Spritz yourself with Davidoff Horizon for him or Gucci Guilty for her to start your summer in style. We’re completely obsessed!

Trend 4: Reinvention

Take a classic fragrance, add a new twist and what do you get? The trend of reinvention. It’s the new cool, so listen up! Old fragrances that have been given the 2016 makeover are being whisked off the shelves as we speak.

‘The ever-evolving fragrance industry is revolutionising scents and allowing brands to reinvent classics to captivate existing and new noses,’ says Michael.

And we love the updated, unusual ingredient of wasabi in Calvin Klein CK2 for her and him. It doesn’t stop there, either – it oozes wet cobblestones, incense and sandalwood, too, for an electrifying scent. Those seeking an iconic fragrance for summer needn’t look any further. It’s a total game changer… we promise!

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