Reviewed: Emporio Armani Diamonds Club For Him and For Her

By Lauren Carbran

The wait is nearly over. Emporio Armani Diamonds Club For Him and Her launch on 20 July 2016 and are basically #YOLO in a bottle. And it gets better – Ella Eyre is the fresh new face. Yes!

Emporio Armani Diamonds Club For Him and Her are both about living life to the full – and we want to join the club. Diamonds Club For Her teams rose with patchouli, and marine notes for a boost of energy from dusk till dawn. And you guys will love the way the lavender and spices in Diamonds Club For Him get your pulses racing. So this week we tested them out for ourselves. BRB, we’re busy obsessing over Diamonds Club…

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Sadie Walden, Social Media Marketing Executive at The Perfume Shop

Testing: Emporio Armani Diamonds Club For Her

What’s your initial reaction when you smell the perfume? 

Mmm, I love it! It’s an instant hit with me.

What notes can you smell?

It’s quite floral to start, but after a while the citrus notes come through. It’s so fresh and vibrant.

Which place does it remind you of? 

Somewhere warm! It’s a summer fragrance. A European holiday destination, perhaps.

What type of girl would wear this? 

This is for girls who love life and having fun.

When will you next wear this? 

This is coming with me to V Festival in August, and I’ll be taking it with me on holiday, to wear in the evenings. I can also see myself wearing it when I go out for cocktails with the girls.

What do you think of the bottle? 

LOVE the colour! It really stands out, and it’s now the centrepiece of my perfume shelfie!


Lauren C-9Lauren Carbran, Editor of SCENTS blog

Testing: Emporio Armani Diamonds Club For Him

How does it smell?

It’s strong and standout. Emporio Armani Diamonds Club For Men is not for the faint-hearted!

What notes can you smell?

Cinnamon and a strong floral, like lavender. It’s an intense fragrance, so it reminds me of the smell of alcohol, too. The notes all make for a delicious, dynamic scent.

What does it remind you of?

Being at a chic, outdoor restaurant for dinner – a restaurant that turns into a club when the diners leave. The moon is out and the drinks are flowing.

What type of guy would wear this?

A guy who likes to be in charge. He’s the leader of the pack and loves making others happy. A club promoter comes to mind.

Would you want your boyfriend to wear this?

Yes, I’d get him to wear it if we were going out for a drink in town with friends.

When would you want your boyfriend to wear it?

On summer evenings, but it’s also an all-season fragrance, and would be perfect for family occasions and big events.

What country could you be in when you smell it?

Spain or Greece. A hot country with an elegant nightlife.


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