The 4 perfumes that could be unisex but aren’t

By Lauren Carbran

It used to be that scents were either for her or for him. Well, not in 2017. It’s time to throw the gender tags away because unisex fragrances are the new cool. And to celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March, here are the four perfumes that smell unisex but aren’t…

prada la femmejpgPrada La Femme Prada for her

Prada La Femme Prada officially makes us feel on top of the world. And mainly because it’s smells totally unisex. You’ve got the notes of vanilla, beeswax and spice to thank for that. We’d suggest wearing it for THAT evening event, whether it’s work drinks or a fancy dinner. You’re looking at a game-changer.

deep-euphoria-calvin-klein-100ml-FINAL-EMBEDCalvin Klein Deep Euphoria for her

Highlight of 2016? The launch of Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria, of course. And who wouldn’t want to smell like jasmine, mandarin and pepper when they start the day? The good news is that this intense, musky mix smells great on both women and men. So in our eyes, it’s unisex. Now go forth and wear Deep Euphoria 24/7…

cartier l'envolCartier L’Envol de Cartier for him

A statement scent you want? A statement scent you get. And it’s called Cartier l’Envol de Cartier. This men’s fragrance may contain notes of guaiac wood and musk, but we’re digging the top note of honey, which totally makes it smell unisex. Just one spritz and you’ll be ready for sweet summer days… 

pacorabanne1millionPaco Rabanne 1 Million for him

OK, so Paco Rabanne 1 Million smells SO good on guys that us girls want in, too. Yep, we’re secretly suckers for spraying it on the sly. But it’s time to embrace the no-gender perfume trend! Especially as it smells of blood mandarin, peppermint, rose and amber for a powerful explosion on your skin. Plus, it’s super-sexy – so wear it when you want to impress.

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