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5 Minutes with Quentin Bisch, the perfumer behind the new Angel Muse

By Lauren Carbran

It was 1992 when Thierry Mugler Angel first stormed the perfume shelves, but now there’s a new fragrance in town. Say hello to Angel Muse, the feminine scent that will have you addicted from the start. We couldn’t wait to get the full story, so we spoke to its creator, perfumer Quentin Bisch…

Quentin Bisch

Why did you want to create Angel Muse?

I wanted to meet the challenge of inventing the Angel of today. So I looked to recreate that olfactory shock, a punch, just like Angel, without letting myself get too intimidated by the masterpiece itself.

What were you most inspired by?

From the moment I started, I was inspired by my stimulating encounters and connection with the Thierry Mugler team. Everyone was so motivated, which made me want to create something spectacular.

How would you describe the perfume?

It’s bright, delicious and elegant – and enchanting with volume. When I smell it worn, it feels like a cloud that overwhelms me, catches hold of me and never lets me go. It’s truly addictive and a delight to smell.

What type of fragrance is it?

The gourmand fragrance family is expanding, and Angel Muse is excitingly the first gourmand vetiver (a type of Indian grass) for women. I’ve borrowed the vetiver from masculine perfumes, to give it the finest woody notes, which really stand out. Other notes include hazelnut cream, which makes the fragrance not only soft and subtle, but good enough to eat.

Why did you use notes of raspberry and strawberry jam?

Red berry jam was and has always been the central note of Angel, which was created in 1992. Its ultra-sweet smell evokes nostalgic childhood memories. Although Angel Muse is a fresher take on the original, these notes remain as an ode to Angel.

What type of women would love Angel Muse?

A confident, sexy and audacious woman, who loves to dream. Georgia May Jagger, the face of Angel and now Angel Muse, perfectly embodies this.

Where does Angel Muse transport you to when you smell it?

It transports me to the galaxy. As Christophe de Lataillade, Creative Director of Thierry Mugler fragrances, says, ‘The cosmos is what people look at in the evening. They are not there, but they look at it and admire it; it makes them dream.’

How do you think people will react to this perfume?

Well, it’s highly addictive, so it can leave you so hooked you may wish you’d never discovered it. That’s why we’re starting the hashtag #HateToLove.

Have you tried the new Angel Muse? Let us know by tweeting us at @ThePerfumeShop.

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