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5 Minutes with Carl Groenewald, UK Fragrance Ambassador for Parfums Christian Dior

By Lauren Carbran

If anything has the wow factor right now, it’s Dior’s new gourmand perfume, Poison Girl. Made for women who want a sexy, floral scent, it celebrates being young, wild and free. To tell us more about it, we caught up with Carl Groenewald, who knows a thing or 10 about perfume…

How would you describe the new Poison Girl fragrance?

It’s a delicious, bitter-sweet floral that suits any woman. Poison Girl is bold and intense – for the girl who wants to be noticed.

What’s the inspiration behind it?

The new-generation girls I like to call the New Gens. They’re the It girls who are daring, sassy and connected.

Can you explain the different perfume notes?

The first spritz brings the top note of tangy orange, closely followed by the rich scent of rose, which creates a more feminine feel as the heart note. At its base, the Venezuelan tonka beans and vanilla provide a sweet, sensual smell. You can’t help but love this purely addictive scent.

What is special about Dior Poison Girl?

It was created by François Demachy, our master perfumer, who’s been making perfumes for Dior for 10 years. The quality is always guaranteed as Dior uses only the very best raw materials.

How is it different from the other Dior Poison Fragrances?

It’s very much a now fragrance. The overall scent is cool and on trend, with its gourmand facets of almond and vanilla.

Who would you recommend it to?

Poison Girl may have been inspired by young women, but it will appeal to all women – from the original Poison lovers to those wanting to buy their first fragrance. If Hypnotic Poison was a passion, you’ll love Poison Girl as it has the same vanilla base.

Why is it called Poison Girl?

The name was given to shock and rejuvenate the Poison line and to reflect the fun, rebellious women it’s aimed at.


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