How to mix and match your perfumes

By Lauren Carbran

If you couldn’t tell already, we’re pretty big fans of perfume! In fact, our motto is why wear one, when you can wear two? So we caught up with #TeamTPS superstar Faye Smith, to see exactly how to mix and match your fave perfumes.

How can I wear two perfumes at the same time?

‘Choose your heavier, spicier perfume first and spray it onto the pulse points on your wrists,’ says Faye. Did you know your pulse points have high moisture levels, which can prolong the smell of perfume? Yes… really! ‘Next, spray no more than two pumps of the subtler perfume on your neck, so that it’s the first smell people encounter.’

Which female perfumes can I mix and match?

1. Calvin Klein Euphoria and CK2

For a gorge day-to-night smell, this is the perfect pair.

Where do I spray them?

Spray Calvin Klein Euphoria onto your pulse points and CK2 onto your neck.

Which notes are the perfect match?

‘The pomegranate in Calvin Klein Euphoria smells great with CK2’s freshness of wasabi,’ explains Faye. ‘These fruity and floral scents are the perfect combo for a sophisticated, elegant smell.’

lancome2. Lancôme La Vie Est Belle and Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh

These feminine perfumes are a match made in heaven.

Where do I spray them?

Apply La Vie Est Belle on your pulse points, followed by Daisy Eau So Fresh on your neck.

Which notes are the perfect match?

‘The strong note of blackcurrant in La Vie Est Belle mixes with the apricot nectar in Daisy Eau So Fresh to give you a fruity but distinctive scent.’ We’ve got one thing to say about that… eau yes!

Which male fragrances can I mix and match?

1. Jimmy Choo Man and Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

Both these fragrances come from the same scent family, so prepare for a smell that’s majorly fresh.

Where do I spray them?

Spritz Jimmy Choo Man onto your pulse points and Le Male onto your neck for an incredible smell.

Which notes are the perfect match?

‘The patchouli in Jimmy Choo Man smells great when you mix and match it with the orange blossom in Le Male,’ says Faye. And what about the smell of both together? It’s full of freshness with a woody, edgy feel. That gets a thumbs-up from us!


pacoblackxs2. Paco Rabanne Black XS and Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Men

If you love a night out, these scents were made for you.

Where do I spray them?

Apply Black XS on your pulse points and 212 VIP on your neck before you head out.

Which notes are the perfect match?

‘You’ll get lots of attention from the smells of lemon in Black XS mixing with the top note of vodka in 212 VIP,’ explains Faye. The result is an explosive, masculine and energetic smell, perfect for a night to remember!

So which notes don’t smell great together?

Liquorice and coffee 

These strong notes are way too overbearing together!

Strawberry and cinnamon

They may sound sweet, but – trust us – the combo is a little sickly…


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