How to update your perfume wardrobe for spring/summer 2017

By Lauren Carbran

We were so inspired by the spring/summer 17 catwalks. Weren’t you? So the best news you’ll hear today is that we’ve matched our three fave trends to some gorge perfumes, which means you can now copy the catwalk styles AND smell incred. Here, Michael Edwards gives us the lowdown…

11Trend # 1: Summer stripes

Summer weather calls for stripes, obviously. And this season, we’re loving the off-the-shoulder red-and-white striped dress, as seen on the Banana Republic catwalk. The best part: stripes are perf for your exotic vacay. The better part: Tommy Hilfiger The Girl is the perfect trend match. It’s not only made for adventures at sea, but it smells of fig leaves, pear and jasmine for an intense crispness. ‘Nautical themed scents are always perfect for summer because nothing says light and fresh like those fragrances,’ says Michael. ‘Look for aquatic nuances, fresh fruity and zesty highlights and transparent sheer florals.’ Oh, and catwalk pro Gigi Hadid is the face of the scent. We love.

22Trend # 2: Let the sun shine

Better weather calls for bright, sunshine shades – and we’d happily wear this trend every day (yeah, take that, winter). We spotted the trend at the Jason Wu spring/summer 17 show, which included a bright yellow halter-neck dress that we’d TOTALLY wear on a tropical island. Speaking of sunshine, have you tried Tom Ford Orchid Soleil? Best known for its notes of orange, chestnut cream and vanilla, it’s also named after the sun. ‘Solar florals are emerging as popular, fresher alternatives to the more intense Floral Oriental,’ says Michael. ‘Generally they have citrus notes in abundance to emulate lightness.’ Perfect match right here.

33Trend # 3: Just robing around

Ever feel as if you never want to get out of your pyjamas? Us too. Well, the robe trend was made for you. Yeah, it puts normal clothes to shame with its chic, laid-back style of daytime robes, as seen at the Lacoste spring/summer 17 show. Mmm, can we have one now? And to stay in chilled-out mode, make sure you’re spritzed with Ghost Whitelight. This gorge blend of peach, pear and rose is in a bottle shaped like the moon. We’re sold. ‘Finding fragrances that appeal to our subliminal but profound preferences can have plenty of positive benefits to our sense of calm and well-being,’ says Michael. ‘Look to other scented items around your home, for clues to the things you are drawn to. Vanilla candles? Gardenia linen spray? Blood Orange shower gel? Your preferences will appear in a lot of your buying choices so use this to pick fragrances that make you feel good.’

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