Unique perfume notes you need to smell

By Lauren Carbran

One of the most talked-about topics in fragrance nowadays? The perfume ingredients. And to say there are some seriously wacky perfume notes out there is an understatement. So here are our top unique scent notes of all time. Because why the hell not…


1. Caviar in Diesel Bad for him

We thought we’d hate the smell of caviar, but boy-oh-boy it blew us away. And in Diesel Bad (the ultimate bad boy scent, all yours for £42 for 35ml, £46 for 50ml or £65 for 125ml), the heart note of caviar is mixed with lime and tobacco for a daring, bold smell. Thought caviar wasn’t for you? Think again.


2. Sea breeze in Elizabeth Arden White Tea for her

With most fragrances heaving with notes of rose, jasmine and orange, it’s a breath of fresh air (see what we did there) to smell the unique wafts of a sea breeze. We instantly fell in love with Elizabeth Arden White Tea, which transports us straight to a beach resort, thanks to its added wafts of iris and mandarin. And it won’t break the bank with our latest offer of £31 for 100ml. Did someone say bargain?


3. Soil accord in Prada Luna Rossa Carbon for him

Now this is what you call unique. Prada Luna Rossa Carbon is meant to smell like nature but in a bit of a twisted way. Why? Well, it’s not your conventional woody or amber scent – instead, it wins with notes of soil, water and metal. Totally cool for you masculine chaps. Grab yours now for £48.50 for 50ml, £66.50 for 100ml and our latest deal of £5 off the 150ml (now £78).


4. Wet cut grass in Marc Jacobs Splash Rain for her

Add some instant oomph to your fragrance shelf with Marc Jacobs Splash Rain. Yep, we suggest you rock the fresh, calming notes of wet cut grass accord, rain accord and wild strawberries. Wear it to festivals, summer events, on day trips and whenever you just feel like diving into a swimming pool – this should do the trick. And you’ll have totally upped your scent game for only £38 for 100ml. Perfect.

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