Tried & Tested: spraying scents in my hair

By Charlotte Swinscoe

Marc Jacobs DecadenceAfter spending half an hour drying my hair, I couldn’t help wincing when I started to spray perfume on it instead of on my skin. But I was yet to discover that this would be my new obsession…

This was an experiment. I wanted to find out whether a scent sprayed on my hair would be enough for people to notice. I sprayed sparingly – I couldn’t get the image of all my hair falling out! – but I was excited to try something new. I chose something with strength and sexiness so that the scent would stand out. For that, there’s nothing better than Marc Jacobs Decadence.

I set off for the day and was enjoying myself. Every time the wind blew slightly, I got a whiff of that beautiful violet scent. I waited for the compliments to roll in and was slightly disappointed when they didn’t. I had to up my game. It was time to spray my scalp. I knew that the heat rising from my head would help to warm the perfume up, but I still was frightened of losing all my hair. That fear left as soon as I’d finished spraying. I smelt WONDERFUL. I could smell it every time I moved my head, whenever I pushed my hair over one shoulder – I was that weird girl who kept putting her hair all over her face.

I decided to go and sit in a beer garden. The warm spring air helped the smell to develop, and while I was there, I got three compliments from friends – although they were a bit confused when I told them the scent was only in my hair (‘Wait, so you’re only wearing it in your hair? But I thought you loved to spray it everywhere!’) Then the bartender complimented me.

So my verdict: it works! You can smell it everywhere you go! But there are a couple of downsides. The perfume made my scalp itch initially, and I’m not sure if it’s going to be a good idea for those who have fine hair. I have super-thick hair, and it did kinda dry out the ends. But it worked well and I’ll definitely be adding ‘spray hair’ to my morning to-do list.

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