#TEAMTPS tells you why you need to come into The Perfume Shop today

By Lauren Carbran

Spring is here – and guess what? Today is National Fragrance Day! So surely that’s enough of a reason to get your new scent sorted. Well, now we’re giving you a secret code, so that you can come into store and save 10% off your next purchase – just say ‘mum’ to a member of staff. Yep, you’re SO welcome. And we spoke to #TEAMTPS about why you should definitely make a shopping trip this National Fragrance Day…

1Sonia Zabair, Deputy Manager at Birmingham Fort

‘Spring is fast approaching, and just as we get excited about updating our clothing wardrobe, we should do the same with our fragrances. Flowers are in bloom in an array of new launches. Try the luxuriously feminine Guerlain Mon Guerlain, with the beautiful Angelina Jolie musing over the scent of lavender and jasmine, which puts a spring in anyone’s step. Stay on trend by updating your favourite scent to Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Sucré, which is summer in a bottle, with its gourmand notes of peach nectar and vanilla.

Our in-store experts can tailor fragrances to suit everyone. Staff use their passion and knowledge when helping customers to find what they’re looking for. Our teams are trained fragrance specialists, and we engage with customers on a personal level, giving every one of them a unique bespoke service.’

2Rebecca Richmond, Store Manager at Solihull

‘People should come into store for a fragrance makeover this spring/summer as we have some amazing new launches, which are perfect for glorious sunny days and long hot nights. We can find something similar to the perfume you’ve worn before and loved, or find something new, which will become a firm favourite in your fragrance wardrobe.

There are so many ways the staff in store can find your new perfect perfume. We have a specialised app that searches out similar fragrances to the ones you’ve worn and loved before or even a particular smell that reminds you of a happy time. We can explore the four main fragrance families with you and find out what excites your nose! We’re completely impartial and will always listen to your needs, and with our wide range of products, we can cater to all ages, budgets and occasions.’


#TEAMTPS tell you about their favourite perfumes

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