Life bottled: Taurus star sign scents

By Lauren Carbran

Yep, it’s official. Thursday 21st April 2016 marks the start of the Taurus star sign, so it’s only right to give you the very best scents for a Taurus. And as you need a sensual and powerful fragrance, we’ve got all the hottest ones right here, right now…

Star sign: Taurus

21 April – 21 May 2016

Element: Earth

Symbol: Bull

Strengths: Loyal, determined, hard-working

Weaknesses: Stubborn, overprotective, materialistic

You love: Making money, completing a challenge, being around friends

You hate: Being rushed, working around noise, hassle


Taurus must-have female perfumes

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy RoseJuicy Couture Viva La Juicy Rosé

This year’s trend of rose comes in many different perfume bottles, but Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Rosé is the cutest. We know how much you love pretty things (we’re specifically talking about that bow!), so let this be your new guilty pleasure, with its delish combo of fizzy mandarin, pear and peony. It will cater for your sweet tooth, too, thanks to its honey-like blossoms and sensual amber.

Moschino Fresh CoutureMoschino Fresh Couture

Want to switch your fragrance to something fresh for summer? Well, Moschino Fresh Couture should be on your perfume radar. The packaging design may make this eau de toilette look like a household cleaner, but it’s really a summery scent combo of bergamot, raspberry and ylang-ylang. It’s perfect for your good sense of humour, too!

Prada Candy Kiss
Prada Candy Kiss

We love anything associated with candy, and Prada Candy Kiss ticks all the right boxes. It’s perfect for any girl who wants luxury in a bottle. And you can’t get more luxurious than this vibrant perfume, which mixes orange blossom, musk and vanilla for an addictive smell. You’ll want to spritz it again and again, so make sure it goes with you on your next vacay.

Taurus must-have male perfumes

Montblanc Legend Spirit
Montblanc Legend Spirit

Unleash your inner legend with this fresh new fragrance, which bursts with pink pepper and lavender. So if your alarm clock doesn’t wake you up, this certainly will! As a Taurus, you’re a person of habit, so make sure spraying Montblanc Legend Spirit is a regular one!

Cartier Declaration d'ur SoirCartier Déclaration d’un Soir

Cartier has mastered the art of romance and it’s called Déclaration d’un Soir – aka your new love potion. Its energetic notes of black pepper, rose and nutmeg will keep you smelling elegant, so if you want maximum impact on your next date, wear this. You’d better start channelling your inner Leonardo DiCaprio, guys (please).

Davidoff HorizonDavidoff Horizon

We know you mean business, so show off your determination with this woody, masculine fragrance. Its top note of ginger combined with a base of cocoa form a refreshing scent that you’ll want to wear from nine to five. And it’s on our hot list for summer, so grab Davidoff Horizon quickly…

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