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By Lauren Carbran

Love scents? Of course you do. So say hello to your new perfume glossary – a must-have for you perfume addicts. Our A-Z of scents will totally have you raising your game. You’re SO welcome…


You guessed it. Perfumes can TOTALLY put you in the mood for love. Don’t believe us? Try Hugo Boss Boss The Scent For Her (cocoa and honeyed peach) or Valentino Uomo for him (coffee and liquor). Spread the love, people…


When the queen of pop/the universe ventured into the world of fragrance, we became big fans – especially of Heat (launched in 2010), which combines magnolia, peach and almond macaroon. Who wouldn’t want to smell like a legend?

davidoff cool waterCartier La Panthère for her

Love fruity fragrances? Cartier La Panthère is all you need. We’re loving the sweet notes of strawberries and rhubarb blended with gardenia flower, and we just can’t stop staring at the bottle. Majestic.

Davidoff Cool Water for him

Now here’s a fragrance worth writing home about. Davidoff Cool Water, which launched in 1988, mixes peppermint, lavender and jasmine for intense freshness and is inspired by the ocean. What’s not to love about it!

Eau de Parfum

See the words eau de parfum on a bottle of fragrance but don’t quite get it? Well, it’s the most popular type of scent, with 20% of essential oil concentration, which means it’s more intense and longer lasting than an eau de toilette, which has up to 18% of essential oil concentration and a slightly weaker smell.


Fougère fragrances are inspired by ferns and woodland fauna, so have notes of lavender and oak moss. They smell herby and woody. Our faves? Guerlain Mitsouko for her (oakmoss and jasmine) and Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male for him (lavender and sandalwood).

Giorgio Armani Si for her

The scent? Si oozes rose, vanilla and mandarin. The bottle? Pink and feminine. What could be more perfect for your perfume shelfie? Nothing.


Headspace technology is a technique that creates the smell of flowers and plants. Equipment is used to capture the chemicals in a flower and turn them into an essential oil to include in perfume. Clever.

Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake is a massive deal in the perfume world, trust us. We’re obsessed with Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pure for her, which smells of lily of the valley and orange blossom. And Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Eau Fraiche is a delightful blend of marine accord and grapefruit. Go fresh or go home.

Jimmy Choo Body Lotion for her

This is the perfect solution if you love moisturising AND perfume – both are in this bottle. Jimmy Choo Body Lotion is a mix of pear, orange and toffee. How delicious!

Modern+Muse+Nuit_Model+Image_Kendall+Jenner_Global_Expiry+June+2017 (1)Kendall Jenner

She’s the girl of the moment, and now Kendall is the face of Estée Lauder fragrance. How cool? Her latest campaign for Estée Lauder Modern Muse Nuit is fierce, just like the scent. Jasmine, musk and amber? Yes, please!

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle for her

Just to put it out there, La Vie Est Belle is totally scrumptious. Let us explain why… its fragrance combines blackcurrant and pear with vanilla and praline. Who’s hungry?


You read that right – milk has a role in perfume. How come? Milky notes are a big trend for 2017, with almond milk (Michael Kors Wonderlust), cream (Thierry Mugler Angel Muse) and chocolate (Tom Ford Black Orchid) spreading quickly around the perfume world. Keep an eye out for milky perfumes… they might just be your new addiction.


Yes, you spray perfume on your neck, but it doesn’t stop there. Ever thought of spraying perfume on the nape of your neck, just on the hairline? No? We thought so. When you spritz there, the heat of your neck and the movement of your hair will have you creating a gorge trail of scent wherever you go!


Oriental perfumes are warm and sensual, and always include vanilla. Sound like a dream? Well, it’s real. We can’t get enough of Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence for her (vanilla and champagne) and Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Intense for him (vanilla, apple and cinnamon – like an apple crumble!). Obsessed.

Paco Rabanne Olympéa Body Lotion for her

We’re head over heels for the Olympea body lotion. It’s a hit buy and will make you smell mesmerising, thanks to its salted vanilla, ginger lily and sandalwood.

Quentin Bisch

Quentin Bisch is the perfumer behind Thierry Mugler Angel Muse. ‘I wanted to meet the challenge of inventing the Angel of today,’ he says. ‘So I looked to recreate that olfactory shock, a punch, just like Angel, without letting myself get too intimidated by the masterpiece itself.’


Rose is the most popular perfume ingredient to date – and so romantic, too! 2016 was the year of rose scents, when we were loving Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Rosa Excelsa, a blend of Turkish rose and African dog rose, and Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Unlimited, which mixes rose and pineapple. Chic!

Signature scent

A signature scent is one you wear most of the time – it defines you, and you pretty much can’t live without it. Here, on The Perfume Shop’s blog, our Editor’s signature scent is Coach The Fragrance, which oozes raspberry, rose and guava.

Tonka bean

It’s official: tonka bean is a must-have ingredient in strong, statement scents. It grows in the tropical rainforests of Venezuela and smells rich and warm. You’ll love Guerlain Shalimar for her, with its mix of iris, vanilla and tonka bean. The best part: this classic perfume, launched in 1925, has NEVER gone out of style. And, guys, have you tried the new Armani Code Profumo? It’s a serious must-have for evening events, thanks to its elegant notes of tonka bean, apple and nutmeg.


Cool fact alert. The USA is home to one of our favourite perfume notes – oranges. A hero ingredient in most citrus cents, oranges grow in Florida, where the sun always has its hat on. Educational trip to Florida, anyone?

Viktor & Rolf

Confession: we love Viktor & Rolf WAY too much. And if you haven’t heard of it, we suggest you try Flowerbomb for her, which blends vanilla and rose, and Spicebomb for him, a mix of cinnamon and pink pepper. Boom.


Woody fragrances are ones with warm and earthy notes, such as sandalwood, oak moss and amber. Our must-haves? Estée Lauder Modern Muse Nuit for her (creamy woods and amber) and Cartier L’Envol De Cartier (guaiac wood and honey). We love.

Xeryus Rouge for him

Since its launch in 1995, we’ve been big fans of this strong, woody scent for men. Plus, Xeryus Rouge has super-cool notes of cactus flesh and kumquat (a small citrus fruit).

YSL Mon Paris for her

The white flowers, pear and musk notes in YSL Mon Paris will make you fall in love with this fragrance at first spritz – and have you yearning to take it with you to Paris. Hint, hint.

Zadig & Voltaire This Is Her! and This Is Him!

Like to stand out from the crowd? Well, say hello to this edgy, sharp and mysterious perfume pair – This is Her! and This is Him!. You girls will smell like pink pepper and chestnut, while for the guys it’s black pepper and incense.

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