5 ways perfume can change your life

By Lauren Carbran

Breaking news: perfume can change your life – and for the better! Yep, see ya later, makeup. Bye-bye self-help books. It’s the power of smell that truly leads you to happiness, we promise…

1. It can make you feel happy

As if perfume couldn’t up its game any more… it’s official – the smell of something you like can make you feel happier. It has been proved that smelling your favourite scent reduces stress and even improves self-confidence. Whoa! And when you’re wearing your signature scent, who doesn’t instantly feel happier getting a compliment or two? Our point exactly. We’re loving YSL Black Opium for her and Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male for him, to give us that boost we need.

2. It can be your matchmaker

Just call perfume your Cupid. Why? It can help you find a partner. Looking for love? Well, we bet you didn’t know there are aphrodisiac smells in perfume! You only have to smell the roses in Lancôme La Nuit Tresor for her and chocolate in Tom Ford Black Orchid for him and her to understand why that hottie just started flirting with you at the bar (can we get a whoop whoop?)…

3. It can help with your cravings

Guys, listen up. Been craving your fave food? Well, we have the answer to change your life. A gourmand perfume, of course! Gourmand scents are ones that contain the edible, sweet smells that you’d most commonly find in a dessert – that’s what makes them so delicious. Our top picks? Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Sucré for her (almond cream, vanilla and cocoa bean) and Thierry Mugler A*Men for him (peppermint, caramel and chocolate). Is that a stomach rumble we hear?

4. It can help you stand out

It’s time you really put your perfume into perspective. To know just how life-changing it really is, we challenge you to wear a sophisticated, standout scent to your next job interview. It will help you stand out from the crowd and define your incredible personality. We recommend Giorgio Armani Si for her, which blends Sicilian bergamot, rose and vanilla, or Armani Code Profumo for him, a mix of apple, nutmeg and tonka bean. Pair with a super-smart outfit and – voila – you’re good to go…

5. It brings back memories

There are life-changing perfumes and then there are the ones that bring back memories. They may make you smile, laugh or cry, all of which are great for your mind. So whether you’re smelling a scent of someone you miss or one you wore on your favourite holiday, you’ll benefit from the emotional release. So prepare to experience a whole raft of incredibly personal emotions when you smell a special fragrance.

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