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Happy Birthday, Elle Macpherson! Here’s how to be as fragrant as a top model

By Lauren Carbran

Elle Macpherson turns 52 today, but the supermodel is still smoking hot. Known as The Body, she’s modelled for Vogue, Playboy and Victoria’s Secret, and even has her own lingerie business. Oh, and she starred in five episodes of Friends, too – no big deal!

But it’s not just looks that got Elle Macpherson to the top. It takes confidence, sass and inner beauty to be a legendary model. So here are the perfumes you need to smell like Elle…nd.207

Guerlain Mitsouko

It comes as no surprise that Elle Macpherson loves Guerlain. She’s drawn to perfumes with fresh, citrus notes to keep her energised when she’s constantly on the go. After all, she always looks so radiant. Could perfume be her secret weapon? Mitsouko is a gorgeous combo of bergamot and cinnamon that will instantly uplift you – even if you’ve been after-partying like a top model.

390872800_390874060_zm_1Calvin Klein CK2

Forget the mag covers and swimsuits… Elle Macpherson naturally beams with confidence. To start your day like a top model, you’ll need CK2 for a 24-hour boost. The electric freshness of wasabi mixes with warm magnetic woods, so you’ll be upping your perfume game. And as Elle walked in the Calvin Klein Autumn/Winter 1991 Fashion Show, we reckon she’s all for this gender-free fragrance.

343681930_zm_1Valentino Donna

Passion, and not just for stilettos, is a must for every supermodel. Elle Macpherson may have walked the catwalk in the Valentino Spring/Summer 1995 show, but she also loves paddleboarding, surfing, living a healthy lifestyle and following an alkaline diet. If you want to show off your inner beauty, Valentino Donna is the one for you. The rose and vanilla are sensuous and sweet – perfect for an evening pick – and the bottle is stunning…

MK-Sexy-Sunset-LRMichael Kors Sexy Sunset

Top models never miss the memo to look sassy and sexy. That’s one thing Elle Macpherson definitely had on the catwalk for Michael Kors in Spring/Summer 1993. For the same wow factor, don’t leave the house without Sexy Sunset. The fruity blend of pear and blackcurrant will keep you smelling incredible, all the way through summer.

Image credit: Rex Features

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