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The Candy Perfume Boy: what’s on your perfume shelfie?

By Lauren Carbran

How many perfumes do you have on your perfume shelfie? Around five? Maybe 10?

Well, when we found out that fragrance blogger Thomas Dunckley (aka The Candy Perfume Boy) had 400 fragrances on his perfume shelf, we were totally jel! So we tracked him down to find out more…

CANDYBOY2What are your favourite fragrances?

Calvin Klein CK2, Thierry Mugler Angel, Thierry Mugler Alien, Dunhill London Icon, Cartier La Panthere and Valentino Uomo are my favourites. They’re all very different in their style, but I love London Icon when I want to smell suave and masculine, and La Panthere for a fuzzy, feline scent.

What perfume trend are you loving for spring/summer 2016?

I’m living for the eau de Cologne. As the weather gets better, I find myself reaching for scents that are heavy on citrus and sunny notes, such as neroli. They’re smart and sophisticated, making for a superb work scent, but they’re also fun and refreshing.

How would you sum up your perfume taste?

Daring, diverse and very open-minded. It’s also always changing, so I love to try new fragrances.

Which fragrance do you wear during the day?

Valentino Uomo is my daytime scent. It has a dapper air, with its suede-like gourmand notes, ideal when you want something relaxed but not too showy. When I smell it, I think of impeccably dressed Italian men flitting around Milan. Sometimes I need a bit of that on a rainy British morning!

What’s your favourite evening scent?

Alien, most definitely. Like all the Thierry Mugler fragrances, Alien has a very distinct presence. It’s a Marmite scent – you either love it or hate it – but when you want to go out and have all eyes (or noses, should I say) on you, there’s nothing better.

Which fragrance are you most addicted to?

I’m not ashamed to admit it, but it would have to be Angel. It was one of the first perfumes I fell in love with, and I’ve never stopped wearing it. I remember being appalled when I first tried it because it was so different. But I kept going back to it and eventually gave in. I’ve never looked back!

Which scent are you most likely going to take away with you this summer?

My plans tend to be a bit last minute. So who knows? I expect it would be CK2 because it’s light and incredibly on-trend. It’s quite unusual, so I’d definitely be the best smelling person wherever I go.

What are your favourite perfume notes?

I love white floral notes, especially tuberose, gardenia and jasmine, but I also have a lot of time for the earthy powder of iris. Right now, I’m going through a major rose phase, so I’m adoring the freshly cut roses, smoky rose and oud scents.

What’s your favourite smell – that isn’t a perfume?

The nicest smell in the world is my cat’s fur. He’s called Rupert and has the most gorgeous, buttery scent. If I could bottle that smell, I would be a very happy man!

If you were to make your own perfume, what would it be like?

I technically have one already! My friend and I have worked on a formula called Matryoshka (named after Russian nesting dolls) because the layers of tuberose and almond somehow feel multilayered.

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