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5 reasons we’re obsessed with Tommy Hilfiger The Girl

By Lauren Carbran

All hail this week’s hot temptation – Tommy Hilfiger The Girl. For us it’s perfume perfection – and that’s not just because supermodel Gigi Hadid is the face. Don’t believe us? Let us explain why…

tommyhilfigerthegirl1. It’s exclusively available at The Perfume Shop

You heard it here first: the new eau de parfum is exclusively available at The Perfume Shop now. So why wait? Grab it here to smell scentsational before everyone else does. We’re certain The Girl will be a hot craze this year.

2. Gigi Hadid is the face of the scent

You read that right. Gigi Hadid, Tommy Hilfiger’s global ambassador, is the face of The Girl. We’re so happy… can we get a whoop whoop? ‘The Girl means being true to yourself and having fun while you’re at it,’ says Gigi. ‘For me, that’s appreciating every moment, laughing at myself, and surrounding myself with everything that makes me feel happy.’ So spray every day to become as free-spirited as Gigi Hadid.

3. It’s the perfect signature scent

Tommy Hilfiger The Girl blends green pear, fig, cedarwood and cashmeran for a crisp, fresh scent. You’ll want it to be your new signature scent, as it oozes individuality and inner confidence, making it great for both every day and those evening shindigs this summer. And – trust us – you can conquer anything when you smell this incred…

4. It has that American vibe

We know, we know… we can’t all be American. But at least we can smell like it, right? Correct. Tommy Hilfiger The Girl is inspired by the iconic East Coast fused with California’s effortlessly cool vibe. The cute campaign images – of Gigi Hadid surrounded by sailors and swinging on an anchor – were shot by photographer Mikael Jansson in NYC. ‘It’s fun to be in a campaign that’s seductive, yet lighthearted and playful,’ says Gigi Hadid. ‘I can’t wait for everyone to see what we shot. There are a lot of surprises to come!’

5. The bottle is gorge

Talk about perfumes you want on your perfume shelfie… Tommy Hilfiger The Girl is possibly the cutest bottle ever, with its signature nautical theme. You’ll love the red anchor and golden cap, inspired by the buttons on a sailor’s coat. So all that’s left to say is… ahoy, sailor!


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