How to wear the latest award-winning fragrances for summer

By Lauren Carbran

The exciting awards season for beauty has just begun. And Marc Jacobs Decadence and Hugo Boss Boss The Scent were the winners of the prestigious CEW Beauty Awards on Friday, 22 April 2016 – chosen by the public. So to celebrate, here’s how to wear the new dream team this summer…

Marc Jacobs DecadenceMarc Jacobs Decadence: Best New Women’s Fragrance

For the fast-approaching summer, you’ll only need this gem to smell amaze. Think you can’t wear woody perfumes in the warmer months? Think again. Decadence blends fruity, floral and woody notes for a luxurious edge you’ll love.

1. For your shopping trip

Your summer shopping trip wouldn’t be complete without Marc Jacobs Decadence. It not only looks like a handbag, but oozes girly notes of Bulgarian rose and orris. You won’t do subtle when you wear Decadence – you’ll be talked about… in a good way, of course! Our personal obsession with it will never stop – just like our feelings about shopping.

2. For evening drinks with the girls

No one wants to go unnoticed, even when they’re out for drinks with the girls. And there’s no danger of that with Decadence, which will bring the compliments flooding in, thanks to the blend of Italian plum and liquid amber, which smell sexy and cool. Couple with a leather jacket and voilà – you’re ready for anything.

Hugo Boss Boss The ScentHugo Boss Boss The Scent: Best New Men’s Fragrance

Put your subtle fragrances aside, guys. Strong and spicy is the way to go for men this summer. It fits perfectly with this year’s fragrance trend of aromatic scents, so you can be confident that you’ll be wearing the best, most-talked-about scent out there.

1. For your dinner date

Boss The Scent is a magnet for attraction, so we know you’ll want to be wearing it on your next date. Whether you’re pulling out all the stops with an elegant dinner or going low-key, you’ll have mastered the art of smelling great. The leather notes ooze African maninka fruit – a glorious scent and fabulous aphrodisiac! Date sorted!

2. For your travels

Bold and bursting with character, Boss The Scent has to be your companion this summer. The strong notes of lavender and ginger leave a lasting impression, so wherever you end up, you’ll smell incred the whole way through. It’ll give you a burst of energy on the go, too. We love!

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