Life bottled: wedding fragrances for the groom

By Lauren Carbran

Here comes the… groom! So it’s your big day, you’re looking sharp, but what fragrance do you wear? Your scent possibilities are virtually endless, so we tracked down Ola Daramola from #TEAMTPS, who’ll be walking down the aisle later this year, to find out which fragrances you grooms need to know about…

Givenchy Gentlemen OnlyGivenchy Gentlemen Only Intense for the romantic type

‘For my big day, I’ll be wearing Gentlemen Only Intense,’ says Ola. ‘It’s not only been my favourite fragrance for a long time, but it’s also the one I wore when I started to date my fiancée. She totally loves it!’ So don’t shy away from this elegant fragrance, which mixes green mandarin oil, leather and amber for a strong, romantic smell. Nothing says true love quite like it!

Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio Profumo Pour HommeGiorgio Armani Acqua di Gio Profumo Pour Homme for the laid-back type

You’ll be whisked away to the Mediterranean island of Pantelleria on first spray, which was the inspiration for Acqua di Gio Profumo. This is the one for a fresh, aquatic smell on your wedding day. You’ll love the notes of bergamot and rosemary, which will last you from aisle to dance floor. ‘It’s the perfect companion to your tux, being long-lasting and charming,’ says Ola. ‘You can’t go wrong with this as a groom.’

Viktor & Rolf SpicebombViktor & Rolf Spicebomb for the confident type

Turn tradition on its head and go intense on your wedding day. Spicebomb has notes of chilli, pink pepper and cinnamon to seduce the senses. ‘It’s a hit with women,’ says Ola. ‘And on your wedding day there’s nothing wrong with seducing your Mrs!’ That’s right – add a bit of sexiness to your special day with this powerful scent.

Ola’s top tip

‘Choose a fragrance that brings back memories of the two of you. You don’t want to smell like a stranger on your wedding day. So go fragrance shopping together before your wedding – and make sure she approves!’

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