How to wear perfume in the sun

By Lauren Carbran

Smelling great is a must this summer. And whether you’re jetting away to lie by the pool or enjoying a spontaneous British heatwave, we’ve got the hacks to wearing your favourite perfume in the sun. And, contrary to what you might hear, the good news is you CAN wear scents in the sun…

‘As alcohol comprises most of the composition of fine fragrance, there’s no real issue with wearing fine fragrance in the sun,’ says perfume expert Michael Edwards. ‘Warmer weather and higher body temperatures will slightly increase the rate at which your fragrance develops and diffuses, but it shouldn’t make a significant difference to how it smells.’ And if you’re worried about what wearing fragrance on the beach might do to you, don’t be – just spray it before heading to your sun lounger and the alcohol content will have lifted off and evaporated by the time you’re there. All you’ll be left with is the fragrance oil and particles. Nice one!

Planning to wear fragrance in the sun? Us, too. Here’s how to do it…

1. Test it out first

Patch test your fragrance before wearing it in the sun. ‘You could do this by paying attention to its performance in the warmer weather, as different fragrances will vary in performance depending on the materials used in them,’ says Michael. Got a holiday booked? Put a patch test in your calendar now!

2. Wear fragrance under your clothes

Not planning on lounging on a hammock surrounded by turquoise waters? This one’s for you. If you’re more the type to go sightseeing or exploring your surroundings, spritz your scent on your elbows, behind your knees and even on your belly button (just one spray will do). This is because in summer you’re likely to be wearing a sunscreen when you’re exposed to the sun, so keep your fragrance away from it. ‘Wearing your perfume under clothing will help prevent it lifting off too quickly, too,’ says Michael.

3. Spritz it on your hairline

Thought you couldn’t spray perfume anywhere other than your neck and wrists? WRONG. ‘Spray your scent at the nape of your neck, just on your hairline, in the heat and sun,’ says Michael. If you’re not wearing sun cream, follow this with the misting technique – holding the perfume further away from your body and spraying all over (top tip: concentrate on your midsection). Voila – you smell amazing!

4. Store perfume in a cool place

… like your fridge. It’s important to keep perfumes away from sunlight so they stay cool and fresh on your skin – and if you don’t fancy keeping them in the fridge, the bathroom will do just fine. Love icy scents like Hugo Boss Iced for him (£45 for 75ml or £55 for 125ml) or the aquatic smells of Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Bloom for her (£45 for 30ml, £58 for 50ml or £80 for 100ml)? They’ll smell twice as nice when you store them in a chilled place…

5. Wear a summery scent that’s on offer

Why not take advantage of our amazing summer deals? Exactly. We suggest spritzing Juicy Couture Malibu Eau de Toilette 75ml for her (now £24.99 – £24 off!), which smells of watermelon, apple and passionfruit. Or for guys, try Davidoff Cool Water Eau de Toilette 125ml, which is now £22 off and only £29.99 – you’ll enjoy the wafts of peppermint and lavender anywhere in the world. Grab these now!


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