Top Friends Christmas episodes

By Lauren Carbran

Christmas. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? WATCHING FRIENDS EPISODES 24/7, obviously. So, here are our fave Friends Christmas moments. Just think of it as a gift from us to you. Enjoy…

11Episode: The one with Christmas in Tulsa

Moment: Monica gets paranoid when Chandler spends Christmas in Tulsa with his colleague, Wendy.

What actually happens: Chandler must spend Christmas in Tulsa for work, but when Monica happens to call him he’s still in the office with his colleague Wendy (who just so happens to be the runner-up Miss Oklahoma).

What Monica needs: A sweet, sexy perfume that makes you feel INCRED, even when you’re apart from your babe. We love Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence, which smells of champagne, honeysuckle and vanilla.


22Episode: The one with the girl from Poughkeepsie

Moment: Phoebe plays a Christmas song in Central Perk to her friends.

What actually happens: If you don’t know what happens, then we suggest you go and watch this Friends episode now. Phoebe creates a HILARIOUS song, catering for both Christmas and Hanukkah. It’s possibly her best song, ever…

What Phoebe needs: A fun, Christmassy perfume to get into the festive spirit even more. We’d recommend Thierry Mugler Angel, which smells of praline and caramel. It’s SO Phoebe.


33Episode: The one with Phoebe’s dad

Moment: Joey and Chandler give their friends possibly the worst Christmas presents ever.

What actually happens: Talk about unique gifts… Joey and Chandler give Rachel some windscreen wipers and car spray, Phoebe a packet of toilet seat covers, and a coke and soda for Ross. Enough said.

What Joey and Chandler need: A gift for their friends that they ACTUALLY want, like a fragrance gift set. We’d totally give Rachel the Hugo Boss The Scent For Her gift set, Phoebe the Ghost Whitelight gift set and Ross the Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male gift set. Christmas = sorted.


44Episode: The one with the holiday Armadillo

Moment: Ross dresses up as an armadillo to teach his son, Ben, about Hanukkah.

What actually happens: Ross can’t find a Santa outfit to entertain his son. So, what does he do? He creates a Hanukkah character – the Holiday Armadillo! He starts to tell Ben about the festival of Hanukkah, when suddenly Father Christmas (aka Chandler) walks in, thus ruining the story and upstaging Ross.

What Ross needs: Poor Ross just needs a bit of attention. So, we’ve totally found his match. With Armani Code Profumo and its notes of apple, nutmeg and orange blossom, you can’t go unnoticed.


Which Christmas film are you?

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