Top 5 perfumes for sports time

By Lauren Carbran

We’re so much more inclined to play sports in the summer. Aren’t you? And with the start of Wimbledon, we’re not only craving strawberries and cream with Pimm’s, but also a bit of a workout. So, however you plan to exercise in the coming months, here are the perfumes you’ll want to rely on…


While you’re practising your forehand and backhand, you’ll want to smell super-summery. So cue the two perfumes to get you through any match: DKNY Be Delicious Electric Bright Crush for her and Paco Rabanne Invictus Aqua for him. We love the fresh notes of blackcurrant, peony and plum in DKNY Be Delicious Electric Bright Crush, and its packaging, which reminds us of a tennis ball – surely that’s a sign? You guys will want to spritz Paco Rabanne Invictus Aqua all over before you play. Why? You’ll instantly smell of grapefruit, violet and marine notes. Yum! We’d be happy to breathe in this trophy scent all day long…



If you love football, it means one thing: you’re super-competitive! And since you only expect the best, we know you have high expectations of your fragrance. Guys, the only scent you’ll need is Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Unlimited, which mixes mint, pineapple and cinnamon – what better way to show off how amazing you are? Now for the girls: when you’re next on the footie pitch, make sure you spray Hugo Boss Hugo Woman for notes of mandarin, grass and jasmine, to keep you fresh and alert. Anyone else notice the red and white bottle? It’s a must-have for you England fans!


Aquatic perfumes are perfect for your swimming workouts. Whether you’re doing laps in the pool or sunbathing on a lilo on hols, you’ll want to nosedive into summer with these fresh scents. For girls, Davidoff Cool Water Woman is the obvious choice – the notes of pineapple, lemon and water lily are inspired by the lakes in the Bavarian Alps. You guys should opt for Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio, which oozes lime, marine notes and green tangerine. It’s the perfect perfume chemistry for the water. Trust us.


OK, guys. Not all of us play sports (or even go to the gym, for that matter), so if you’ve planned a game of rounders with your colleagues or crew, make sure you reach for these fun scents first. We love the exclusive Ghost WhiteLight, which is a gorge cocktail of peach, pear and rose. Delish! For him, try Lacoste Energized, which burstswith ginger and mint to give you a massive amount of energy – batter or fielder.

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