Top 5 lucky perfumes

By Lauren Carbran

It’s Friday 13th. But, hey, you make your own destiny, right? Right. So this week we’re switching things around and choosing lucky perfumes. Yep, forget good luck charms – these scents are all you need…

marc-jacobs-red-editionMarc Jacobs Daisy Shine Red Edition for her

Up your smell game with Daisy Shine Red Edition. Not only does it ooze smells of strawberry and vanilla, but the red bottle will bring you a heap of good luck. Why? Well, red is considered to be good luck in China, so you can fall head over heels for it right now.

calvinkleineuphoriaCalvin Klein Euphoria for her

Trying for a baby? Well, here’s a perfume that will send fertility vibes your way. Calvin Klein Euphoria contains notes of pomegranate, which is a good luck symbol for fertility in Turkey and several Mediterranean regions. It also smells incred, thanks to its notes of black orchid and violet. Bonus!

escadaEscada Agua Del Sol for her

Who knew that this tropical scent, with apricot nectar and raspberry sorbet (you read that right), could bring you luck? And no, it’s not the raspberry sorbet that’s the good luck symbol, but the gorge blend of colours on Agua Del Sol that will make you a lucky magnet. That’s right! Rainbow colours are meant to bring you luck, and a double rainbow is considered good fortune in many eastern cultures. Too good to be true? Nope.

tom-ford-black-orchidTom Ford Black Orchid for her

Release your negative energy with just one spritz of Tom Ford Black Orchid. The base note of amber makes for a warm, sensual smell, and – more importantly – some believe the amber gemstone can bring good luck. The added mix of chocolate and vanilla will have you drooling. Prepare to be amazed…

hollister-wave-for-him-edp-spray-30ml-fadHollister Wave for him

We bet you didn’t know that Hollister Wave was a good luck perfume. To be fair, neither did we until now. And since we’re spellbound by the scent of bamboo leaves, we’re super happy that bamboo actually symbolises good luck. Feng shui enthusiasts believe that placing a bamboo plant to the east side of your room will increase the flow of energy. We love.

Image: Pixeleyes Photography
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