Top 5 fruity perfumes

By Lauren Carbran

We’re starting a fruity revolution. Yes, people, take note. You might think summer is all about sunshine, but it’s actually all about the smells of a juicy fruit salad. Like berries, kiwi and watermelon? Of course you do. So we challenge you not to love these perfumes, which are bursting with fruit…


BRITNEY FANTASYBritney Spears Fantasy for her: kiwi

This is a scent for you girly girls – in a divine pink bottle studded with Swarovski crystals. What we especially love about Britney Spears Fantasy is the refreshing sweetness of kiwi, which, along with notes of red lychee and jasmine petals, takes us straight to the tropical shores of Hawaii (Britney’s fave vacay). Just one spritz and you’ll be tempted to keep it with you all day. It’s seriously delish!

YSLparisienneYSL Parisienne for her: blackberries

You only have to smell the top note of blackberries in YSL Parisienne to want to befriend it. It has that certain je ne sais quoi. Sharp and tangy, the blackberry mixes with rose and peony to make a chic, flirty fragrance. This, ladies, is how you smell like a Parisian, who lives life to the full. Fruit market, anyone?

ckoneredCalvin Klein CK One Red for her: watermelon

We’d happily eat (and smell) watermelon all day long, which is why Calvin Klein CK One Red for her is one of our fave fruity perfumes. It’s summer in a bottle, thanks to its thirst-quenching watermelon blended with violet and musk. If your holiday budget won’t stretch to a faraway land this summer, at least you can smell as if it does with this beauty.

tommyTommy Hilfiger Tommy for him: cranberries

While you may think you can’t get away with smelling like apple pie and cinnamon, Tommy will prove you wrong – thanks to the addition of its juicy notes of cranberry and tangy citrus. Yes, we may have been fans even before smelling it, but, on first spritz, it’s irresistible. So, guys, if there’s one thing you need to treat yourself to this summer, you’re looking at it now…

hugobossbossbottledHugo Boss Boss Bottled for him: apple

Hugo Boss Boss Bottled is an oriental fragrance, but the top notes are of fresh apple and citrus, which brighten up the spicy notes of cinnamon and cloves at its heart. If you haven’t bought your new summer scent yet, look to this. You won’t regret it, we promise.

Images: Pixeleyes Photography

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