Top 5 aphrodisiac scents

By Lauren Carbran

Are you a real-life romantic? Or just love a cheeky flirt? Well, aphrodisiac scents (yes, they really do exist) are all you need to get in the mood for love. So prepare to indulge in our fave perfumes with aphrodisiac ingredients. Warning: they may get you hot under the collar…

calvinkleineuphoriaCalvin Klein Euphoria for her

Everything about Calvin Klein Euphoria oozes sex appeal, thanks to the aphrodisiac top note of pomegranate, which the Ancient Greeks discovered and could NOT get enough of. Just one spray of this perfume, with its rich additions of black orchid and cream, and you’ll be sent into a frenzy. And as Valentine’s Day looms, it would be rude not to spray this before your date…

TOMFORD BLACK ORCHIDTom Ford Black Orchid for her

Did you know the smell of chocolate can make you fall in love? Well, it’s certainly true of Tom Ford Black Orchid. Whether you want your date to obsess over the way you smell or you’re looking for a new signature scent for yourself, the answer is in the aphrodisiac base note of chocolate, which heightens your sexual desire – fact. And with the additional dreamy mix of vanilla (also an aphrodisiac – bonus) and blackcurrant, this perfume may just be the answer to all your prayers.

valentinouomoValentino Uomo for him

Like coffee? Of course you do. But we bet you didn’t think it could be a hero aphrodisiac smell. That’s right – coffee gives you an adrenalin boost that excites your body and mind, so you’ll definitely want to spice things up by wearing Valentino Uomo. The heart note of coffee is combined with myrtle liquor and cream, which will raise your scent game MAJORLY. And as a side note, we’re kinda in love with the bottle, #crush.

joope wowJoop! Wow! for him

Looking for the perfect scent to woo your date? The creamy vanilla in Joop! Wow! – new to the scene and set to sweep the shelves – should do the trick. The extra hints of tonka bean and bergamot will have you smelling like the sexiest man alive, and it get’s better. It’s mixed with cashmere and violet, so you’ll be so tempting that she’ll almost jump into your arms. How romantic!

Hugo Boss The ScentHugo Boss The Scent for him

All the way from Africa, the notes of maninka fruit (an aphrodisiac) are the hero in Hugo Boss The Scent for him. Yep, it smells spicy and sensual, especially as it’s mixed with ginger and black leather. We’re totally certain that if you spritz this on Valentine’s Day, she’ll be weak at the knees. Woop! Fist pump moment right there.


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