How to shoot your ultimate floral flat lay

By Lauren Carbran

We love an Insta flat lay, don’t you? So to celebrate the launch of Gucci Bloom for her (£52 for 30ml, £72 for 50ml, £99 for 100ml), the floral fragrance of the moment, we spoke to blogger Julie Ly from Raining Cake to find out her top tips on how to shoot your ultimate (and like-worthy) floral flat lay…

1. It’s all about the background

‘Invest in a good background and some props,’ says Julie. And we totally agree. No one likes a plain, boring background, when you can use pastels, shimmery or bright colours instead. And what best to bring out your gorge flowers and props? Our fave prop of the moment? Gucci Bloom for her, which will look incred in your picture. The smell? Tuberose mixed with rich jasmine. We’re BIG fans.

2. Lighting is key

We speak the truth. If you don’t have the right lighting, you won’t get the likes people. And if you don’t have the fancy lighting kits, we recommend natural daylight (which looks great in an Instagram filter). ‘Make sure you have as much natural daylight as possible,’ says Julie. Your image is set to be fab already, guys.

3. White Tack could just be your new BFFE

Sounds strange, but White Tack is your saviour, people. ‘Yes, White Tack will be your new best friend, especially when it comes to flowers that you need to move around,’ says Julie. So if there are leaves looking a bit lopsided or flowers that you’d like to have facing a different direction, tack it down. You go, guys!

4. Shoot like a pro blogger

Want to know a secret? Bloggers shoot flat lays in square mode. ‘Shoot it in this mode so that it’s instantly ready for Instagram,’ says Julie. ‘Then you don’t have to crop anything out.’ Boom!

5. Give your flowers some space

You read that right. ‘Give a good amount of space between your flowers,’ says Julie. ‘Then your image will look neat and totally cool on Instagram.’

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