Reviewed: Hugo Boss The Scent For Her

By Jessica Eld

BOSS_The_Scent_For_Her_Flacon_Carton_50mlWhen you open the packaging and see the bottle, you just know this is going to be a sophisticated fragrance. I couldn’t wait to start showing Hugo Boss The Scent For Her off on my dressing table.

The bottle top is almost masculine in shape but it’s set off by the feminine design of the bottle and the gorgeous peachy colour of the perfume inside, which hints at the top notes when you first smell the fragrance: sweet honeyed peach with a hint of freesia.

The fragrance is described as seductive, so what better way to test it out than on a date night? During the evening I was aware of the perfume subtly changing as the base notes of roasted cocoa crept through. The feminine heart note of osmanthus stayed throughout, making it not only sexy, but also very feminine and clean. It can be hard to get all these elements in one fragrance, so I was delighted to discover the best of all worlds in one perfume!

Although very soft and not too overpowering, the perfume lasted well, and I was happy that I could smell it on myself throughout the night. It meant others – most importantly, my date for the evening – would also be able to smell it on me. His reaction was very positive, and he said it reminded him of being on holiday (fine by me!).

I would say Hugo Boss The Scent For Her could become a signature scent. With so many different standout elements, it could reflect the many different aspects of your personality. It will take you on a journey, from a fresh and clean beginning, to feminine and ladylike heart notes, all the way through to the darker and more mysterious base notes, which leave a gorgeous and lasting impression.

This will be a fragrance I’ll turn to time and time again for its distinctive qualities, the confidence it gave me when I first tried it, and for the reaction I experienced when I was wearing it.

If you’re looking for a sophisticated and glamorous perfume, I would certainly recommend Hugo Boss The Scent For Her. Just make sure you try it out when you have enough time to experience – and appreciate – all the different notes it has to offer.


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