Perfume trend: sexy scents

By Lauren Carbran

What are we currently obsessing over? Sexy scents, of course. Yes, some scents come and go, but once you smell a sensual perfume, there’s no going back. And although sexy scents have been around for a while, they’re suddenly in the spotlight.

‘Fragrance has been used to change mood since the ancient times, which is why smell is the most profound of all the senses,’ says perfume expert, Roja Dove. ‘Perfume is commonly associated with sex and sexuality because odour molecules stimulate the synapses, which release hormones that govern every bodily function or action.’ So basically, we urge you to take a look at the latest sexy scents on the scene…

Michael Kors Sexy Ruby for her

It’s seductive, glamorous and a little saucy. Everything about Michael Kors Sexy Ruby (£46 for 30ml, £66 for 50ml, £90 for 100ml) oozes sex appeal, from the daring bottle and luscious notes of apricot and rose petals to its name. Wear it on your dates, nights out or just to impress that special someone – you’ll be instantly irresistible.

Launching: 13th September 2017

Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal for her

You can’t get sexier than Jean Paul Gaultier fragrances in their bottles sculpted into naked human shapes. And you’re in for a treat with the new Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal (£44.50 for 30ml, £63.50 for 50ml, £83 for 80ml). As the name suggests, it’s about breaking boundaries and being disruptive and free-spirited. And we love the pair of sexy legs on top of the bottle. The smell? Caramel milkiness, honey and patchouli. Just wow – no more words needed.

Launching: 11th September 2017

Paco Rabanne Pure XS for him

Pure XS (£47 for 50ml, £64.50 for 100ml) is sex appeal at its purest. The juice smells of pure desire (cinnamon, ginger and vanilla – mmm), the name hints at the word ‘sex’ (did you notice that?), and the campaign face is SMOKING hot. So, ladies – get this for your man. And guys – grab this now or regret not being sexy forever. It gets better… you get a free backpack when you buy Paco Rabanne Pure XS 50ml or larger. Whoop!

Diesel Bad Intense for him

Now Diesel Bad was daring, but Diesel Bad Intense (£48 for 50ml, £67 for 125ml) is even bolder and sexier. The muse? Boyd Holbrook in a black leather jacket riding around Paris on a motorbike. We’ll settle for that, Diesel. And the scent is sizzling with sexiness, thanks to its notes of caviar, tobacco, nutmeg and cinnamon. It’s so hot, it’ll blow your mind.


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