My perfume life: SCENTS blog editor

By Lauren Carbran

LAUREN AND DANIELI still can’t believe I’ve been the SCENTS blog editor for a year now – how time flies when you’re in the best job in the world! So here’s a bit about what I’ve been up to so far…

When I say every day is different, I mean it. One day I’m at LFW reporting from the catwalk, and the next I’m on the Eurostar to Paris with Proudlock from Made In Chelsea with Diesel. After work activities are fun too – I’ve found myself partying with Sarah Jessica Parker and drinking perfume cocktails at Mahiki. When I’m not out and about, I’m writing features and interviewing experts and celebs for upcoming blog posts.

It was June 2016 when I hopped on the Eurostar to Paris for the launch of the new Diesel men’s fragrance, Bad. Just a normal day in the office then, eh? Well, normal doesn’t even exist in my world… I found myself motorbiking through Paris, dining at the top of an art gallery and attending the exclusive Diesel launch party. Casual.

I’ve been lucky enough to interview some amazing celebrities, too. England footballer Daniel Sturridge, the face of Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Unlimited for him, was a laugh and a half. We talked about the scent (of course), his favourite food and fondest memories, and how much he used to love eating ox tongue. He was so much fun – not wanting it to be a serious interview but more of a friendly chat. At one point he took my phone from me and Snapchatted our viewers with some personal messages. ‘Good vibes, guys. Good vibes’ was one of them.

Next came Michael Bublé, who I called from my home in North London and was put through to him in a New York penthouse, where he had just eaten his breakfast. He was so passionate about his new launch, By Invitation – I’d never heard a celebrity talk so passionately about their fragrance. It was as if he had created a song about it and was reciting the lyrics. We then talked about my dinner of jacket potato with tuna and cheese – which he was super-intrigued by, but that’s for another day…

Throughout the year as the SCENTS blog editor, I’ve loved following #TEAMTPS through The Masters 2016 journey. I attended their perfume history training in London with perfume author Odette Toilette and watched them making their own perfume.

Then in November 2016, I joined The Masters students to listen to Will Andrews, Principal Scientist at Procter & Gamble, and learnt some incredible facts – like rose notes are made out of 300 chemicals. Oh, and fruity perfumes are actually made out of flowers – there’s no fruit involved. I know, mindblown. The experience made me realise that no other retailer trains their staff quite like The Perfume Shop. Every time a customer goes into a store, they should have 100% faith that they’re speaking to the experts.

And in my personal perfume training life, I’ve been lucky enough to have been coached by the UK’s leading perfume experts, too. Roja Dove taught me that vanilla smells drastically different depending on where it’s been grown in the world, and Azzi Glasser gave a session on how she personalises scent to celebrities such as Kate Moss and Johnny Depp.

I’ve also finally found my signature scent (hooray!). Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pure spoke to me as soon as I spritzed it. It’s so fresh and subtle, perfect for all seasons, and it comes with me wherever I go now.

So 2017 has a lot to live up to – but I have a feeling it will be even better. What’s on my wish list? Well, I’d LOVE to interview Kendall Jenner, go to NYFW and make my own perfume. Easy, eh?


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