The perfume guide to humidity

By Lauren Carbran

Trying to lead a normal life in humidity is a nightmare. OK, that may be a bit over-dramatic, but it’s TOUGH. And as you still want to smell insane through spontaneous heatwaves and polluted cities, follow our ultimate guide to perfume in humidity…

 1. Choose aquatic scents

Aquatic perfumes contain water-based notes, so what better to spray yourself with in humidity? Not only will they cool you down, but you’ll smell incred, too. Take Marc Jacobs Splash Rain for her (£38 for 100ml – what a bargain), which mixes rain accord with passion flower and wild strawberries. Or, for guys, there’s Davidoff Cool Water for him (£29.99 for 125ml or £41 for 75ml), a refreshing blend of peppermint, lavender and jasmine inspired by the lakes of the Bavarian Alps. 

2. Don’t overdo it

So you’re rushing around in the humid weather, and the last thing you want is to be lost in a cloud of perfume (and, trust us, it doesn’t smell good mixed with pollution, either). Don’t over-spray, as hard as it is – just one or two sprays on your neck or wrists should do the trick. But remember, if it’s sunny, don’t spray your perfume where the direct sunlight will reach it.

3. Keep your fragrance in the fridge

That’s right! You CAN keep your perfumes in the fridge, if you want to roll like that, just as long as you keep them away from any strong-smelling foods (eau de parfum featuring wafts of pickled cucumbers is NOT the one). The result? Ultra-cool, icy spritzes whenever you apply your favourite scent in the humidity and heat. Score!

4. Always have a FLO atomiser in your bag

The last thing you want to do on a hot, stuffy day is rummage through your bag to find your signature scent and elbow someone in the face. We have an on-the-go solution for you. Say hello to the FLO, which will now officially be your best buddy for life. It’s a 5ml atomiser that you can fill with any perfume and take with you wherever you go. Life made simple! And at £4.99 it’s practically cheaper than lunch. Hell, yeah.



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