Editor: My future perfume trend predictions

By Lauren Carbran

Perfume bottles on a bright light with the shadowsThe beauty industry amazes me. And wacky beauty trends are the next big thing, didn’t you know? Yep, cue the new norms – applying foundation with a condom, nail piercings and pizza body art (yep, the beauty world beat you to it, Domino’s). While this is all still big news, I’ve decided to put my psychic goggles on. As a fragrance fanatic, here are my perfume trend predictions. Watch out, pepperoni eye liner…

Edible perfume

First there were edible nails – painted in dark chocolate spread and embellished with silver balls and sprinkles. Skip to the future and I’m assuming edible perfume will be a thing (we’ve already wiped a condom all over our face, don’t forget). Yes, we know and love our fave smells of coffee and vanilla from the likes of YSL Black Opium for her and Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Intense for him, but what if you could spray it in your mouth throughout the day? Dreamy. My top edible perfume pick? Tom Ford Black Orchid – I wouldn’t mind a boost of chocolate, vanilla, blackcurrant and mandarin at 3pm in the office…


Multi-masking was so two years ago. We should really be looking to spray multiple perfumes out of one bottle in the future. Yes, nothing beats the smell of ALL your favourite perfumes blended together. I’m itching to start the trend. One of my multi-spritzing bottles would be called Holiday and would include Jimmy Choo Exotic, Issey Miyake Issey L’Eau d’Issey Pure, Marc Jacobs Daisy and Coach The Fragrance. Mmmmm….

Perfume-inspired shampoo and conditioner

I can’t believe that this doesn’t exist ATM. Perfume-inspired shampoo and conditioner came to me when I was thinking about the layering trend. We already have body lotions and shower gels that smell of our fave scents, like Paco Rabanne Olympéa Body Lotion for her and Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Shower Gel for him… one step further and I’d be the first to buy Lancôme La Vie Est Belle shampoo and conditioner. Smells of pear, vanilla and praline oozing from your hair? Hells yeah…

Savoury gourmand notes

We get notes of sea water, whipped cream and tobacco, but have you ever smelt a perfume with notes of PIZZA? Thought not. And as it’s one of the biggest talking points in the beauty industry this year, I predict (and often dream of) a scent with top notes of tomato purée and pineapple, heart notes of mozzarella cheese and a base of dough. Would anything beat this in life? Nope. I guess Diesel are halfway there, though (credit to them). They’ve channelled their inner foodies to create Diesel Bad for him, a blend of caviar and lime.


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